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Assurance,Telemetry and Orchestration for
Multi-Vendor Networks

21st March 2018 | 8.00 AM PST

Praveen Vengalam

Co-Founder and VP of Engineering,
Aunta Networks

Kiran Sirupa

Director of Marketing,
Aunta Networks

Worldwide network operation teams are facing intense demands

from both internal constituents and application owners for a flexible, secure and predictable infrastructure. Further complicating matters, operators are burdened with legacy infrastructure, broken processes, limited visibility and shrinking budgets.

Anuta Networks announced the general availability of ATOM, a powerful Assurance, Telemetry, and Orchestration platform for Multi-Vendor Networks. In this webinar, Praveen Vengalam and Kiran Sirupa will walk through the key elements of ATOM.

  • How are the new trends such as 5G, IOT, and Multi-Cloud going to impact Network operations?
  • What are Anuta networks approaches to solving complex multi-vendor network orchestration and assurance challenges?
  • Anuta ATOM product overview and customer use-cases