Press Coverage

2/14/2019 – 451Research.com: Workloads distributed across clouds require unified network orchestration

1/23/2019 – Telecomlead.com: GSMA Announces Nominees for 2019 GLOMO Awards

08/23/2018 – LightReading.com: NFV Orchestrator Vendors Flock to ONAP

08/16/2018 – Forbes.com: Microservices: Scalability For An Emerging Networking Paradigm

08/01/2018 – Network World: A Primer on closed-loop automation

06/05/2018 – Forbes.com: Network Automation: The Enterprise And Beyond

05/04/2018 – TheRegister.co.uk: Anuta cloudifies its ATOM

05/02/2018 – CurrentAnalysis.com: Anuta Networks’ ATOM SaaS Delivers Multivendor Orchestration from the Cloud

05/02/2018 – Thefastmode.com: Anuta Networks Launches SaaS-based Multi-Vendor Network Orchestration and Assurance

05/02/2018 – Packetpushers.net: BiB 40: Anuta To Launch SaaS Version Of Its ATOM Orchestration Software

03/27/2018 – NetworkComputing.com: SDN Hasn’t Faded, It’s Just Evolved

02/27/2018 – Networkworld.com: What does SD-Branch mean for security, storage, and IoT?

02/27/2018 – EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet: Using Analytics to Turn Intent into Action

02/21/2018 – Packet Pushers: BiB 036: Anuta Launches ATOM For Network Infrastructure Orchestration

02/20/2018 – SDX Central: Anuta Launches Smart Network Platform for Multi-Vendor Networks

02/20/2018 – Business Wire: Anuta Unleashes The Smart Network

11/9/2017 – The Fastmode.com: Anuta Networks Strengthens Presence in Asia with Two Major Deals

9/14/2017 – LightReading.com: Tata Pours Special Sauce on SD-WAN Prime

9/11/2017 – HybridWanZone.com: Anuta Technology Orchestrates Tata’s SD-WAN Service

9/5/2017 – ConvergeDigest.com: Anuta Supports Remote Deployment of Tata Communications’ IZO SDWAN

9/5/2017 – SDXCentral.com: Anuta Networks Brings Orchestration to Tata’s SD-WAN

9/5/2017 – FierceTelecom.com: Tata taps Anuta Networks for remote support of IZO SD-WAN service

8/30/2017 – Forbes.com: Intent-Based Networking And Why You Should Care

8/10/2017 – ConvergeDigest.com: F5 selects Anuta NCX intent-based orchestration

8/9/2017 – TheFastMode.com: F5 Deploys Anuta’s Orchestration Platform for Silverline DDoS Protection Service

7/31/2017 – SearchSDN.techtarget.com: Who’s doing what with NFV orchestration platforms?

6/13/2017 – Money.ca: Anuta Networks Partners with Technica to Accelerate Network Services Orchestration in Federal Government

6/9/2017 – Medium.com: What is Network Orchestration?

5/11/2017 – Newswire.com: Announcing Telecom Council’s Innovation Showcase Class of 2017

4/22/2017 – searchdatacenter.techtarget.com: Software-based networking brings new automation perks, challenges

04/06/2017 – Packetpushers.net: Anuta NCX: An Orchestration Platform For Networks

03/22/2017 – NetworkBuilders.intel.com: Network Orchestration in 2017 – Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights episode 96

01/31/2017 – Fragmentationneeded.net: Anuta Networks NCX: Overcoming Skepticism

01/23/2017 – Gestaltit.com: Anuta Networks: More Vendors, No Problem

01/10/2017 – Viptela.com: FutureWAN‘17 Announces Keynote Speakers and Agenda

01/03/2017 – Tech Target.com: Will NFV standards address orchestration in the near future?

08/26/2016 – Channel Insider.com: SDN, Network Virtualization Set Pace of Innovation

08/02/2016 – The Fast Mode.com: Fortune Global 50 Financial Institution Accelerates Application Delivery with Anuta NCX Network Service Orchestration

06/09/2016 – The Fast Mode.com: NFV-based Service Orchestration – Delivering Unparalleled Agility and Responsiveness for Operators’ Data Centers

03/31/2016 – SDX Central.com: 2016 NFV Infrastructure and MANO Report

03/24/2016 – Networksasia.net: Alliance seeks to offer end-to-end managed network service to APAC telcos

03/22/2016 – Cimicorp.com: Can We Fix the Technology, Vendor, and Service Silos Growing in NFV?

03/21/2016 – NFVEssentials.com: HPE, Anuta Networks, and Logicalis Partner to Create Proof of Concept

01/27/2016 – NetworkComputing.com: 8 Networking Vendors Catching Fire In 2016

11/1/2015 – Tech Target.com: How to meet the challenges of NFV orchestration?

10/22/2015 – Tech Target.com: SDN orchestration with Anuta Networks’ NCX platform

10/12/2015 – Entreprises Numériques: Anuta Networks : une start up qui peut accélérer la transition numérique

09/28/2015 – SDX Central.com: Anuta Networks Takes SDN to College

8/19/2015 – DailyCloud.info: Anuta Networks Concludes Collaboration Project With Telstra

8/16/2015 – Hosting Journalist: Cloud Monitoring Solution Anuta Networks Supports Telstra’s Cloud Proposition

8/14/2015 – The Fast Mode.com: Anuta Networks Orchestration Platform Powers Telstra Cloud Network Automation

5/21/2015 – ESG: NFV, Telecom, and Enterprise: We know what we are, but know not what we may be

3/17/2015 – Gartner.com: How to Prepare Your Network for Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing

3/13/2015 – Convergedigest.com: Anuta Supports OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager for NFV

3/12/2015 – VentureBeat.com: Anuta Networks Accelerates Network Service Delivery with True Multi-Vendor NFV

3/12/2015 – PolicyChargingControl.com: Anuta Networks Network Service Orchestration Supports OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure Manager

3/2/2015 – RyanoReport.com: Service Provider Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Overview and Market Forecast

1/20/2015 – Ethancbanks.com: News Analysis: Anuta NCX 4.0 Feature Updates for OpenStack, NFV, YANG

1/7/2015 – NetworkComputing.com: 10 SDN Startups On The Cutting Edge

11/4/2014 – CRN: Riverbed Force 2014: New SteelHead Solution, Technology Alliance Program.

10/14/2014 – DailyCloud.info: Anuta Networks: Breaking the SDN Rules

10/13/2014 – SDN Zone.com: Anuta Networks Helps Businesses with Network Operations

08/27/2014 – Wall Street Journal: TechTarget’s SearchServerVirtualization.com Announces “Best of VMworld” 2014 Award Winners

08/22/2014 – Hitachi Systems: Introducing  Anuta NCX to deliver SDN benefits for existing networks

07/21/2014 – CIMI Corp: Is NaaS a Good Conceptual Framework for SDN/NFV?

07/15/2014 – CRN:  The 10 Coolest Networking Startups Of 2014

07/01/2014 – ComputerWorld.com.au: How to prepare for SDN

06/13/2014 – LightReading.com: Anuta Expands, Supports Yang

06/12/2014 – VoiceandData.com: Anuta Networks joins hands with NTT-AT to present NCX solution

05/20/2014 – NFVZone.com: Anuta Networks rolls out new NCX

05/09/2014 – eWeek.com: WANs a growing focus for SDN vendors

05/08/2014 – Gartner Blogs: SDN Hits the WAN

05/01/2014 – Anuta Networks Product Name Change Notification

04/17/2014 – Gartner.com: Improving Data Center Agility With Network Virtualization

04/14/2014 – Gartner.com: Cool Vendors in Communications Service Provider Infrastructure, 2014

03/24/2014 – TheVARGuy.com: Anuta Networks Expands NCX SDN Framework

03/20/2014 – SearchNetworking.TechTarget.com: Anuta Networks expands device support for LAN and WAN orchestration

03/17/2014 – SDNZone.com: SDN Startup Anuta Networks Releases New Network Management Software

03/17/2014 – wallstreet-online.de: Anuta Networks erweitert NCX Plattform, um LAN, WAN und Rechenzentren zu verbinden, und gibt neue Kunden und Partner bekannt

03/13/2014 – CIO.com: 11 tips to prepare for SDN

02/04/2014 – EtherealMind.com: Blessay: Categorising SDN Network Solutions and Architectures for Understanding

01/20/2014 – Virtualization.net: Anuta Networks Launches Network Services Controller Cloud Application Delivery

01/17/2014 – Policy Charging Control.com: Anuta Networks Launches SDN Controller for Enterprise to manage Multi-Vendor Networks

01/17/2014 – Enterprise Networking Planet.com: SDN: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Network Controller

01/17/2014 – IT Business Edge.com: Anuta Networks Unveils Heterogeneous Network Controller

01/16/2014 – Searchsdn.techtarget.com: SDN essentials: Why network orchestration and virtualization?

01/16/2014 – Network World.com: SDN startup looks to program the enterprise

01/16/2014 – SDX Central.com: Anuta Brings Service Chaining to the Enterprise

01/15/2014 – Networld.co.jp: Networld announces release of Anuta nCloudX 2.0 for Cloud Service Providers

01/10/2014 – TechTarget.com: Thinking about SDN? Here are 42 vendors that offer SDN Products

09/27/2013 – ProvidingCloudyService.com: Will Network Orchestration make the cloud easier? – Interview with Nat Chidambaram, Director, Product Management, Anuta Networks

09/17/2013 – CRN: Emerging Vendors 2013 – Virtualization Vendors

09/11/2013 – Telecom TV:  Delivering virtualized network services on existing infrastructure –
Interview with Chandu Guntakala, CEO, Anuta Networks

08/28/2013 – VMworld.com: TechTarget posts Best of VMworld 2013

08/28/2013 – Wall Street Journal: Best of VMworld 2013 Award Winners

07/30/2013 – The Peering Introvert: Ethan Banks – Anuta Networks Adds Extensible Network Services to nCloudX

07/16/2013 – CNBC: Anuta Networks Announces Significant Enhancements to its Multi-vendor Managed Devices Portfolio, Broader Partnerships with Leading Industry Players

06/24/2013 – Wall Street Journal: Anuta Networks Unleashes Extensible Network Services (EnX), Offering Unmatched Agility and Customization to Network Service Delivery

06/1/2013 – Tech Target.com: In the SDN WAN: Network Programmability, provisioning and high availability

05/31/2013 – CRN: 10 Hot Tech Startups

05/16/2013 – Citrix: Best of Synergy 2013: Anuta Networks selected as a finalist in the networking category

05/15/2013 – Wall Street Journal: Anuta Networks Signs First Customer and Distributor Win with Networld Corporation

05/13/2013 – Mynavi.jp ネットワールド、既存のネットワーク資産がそのまま使えるSDN管理ソフト – (Networld launches Anuta nCloudX – SDN for today’s networks)

05/13/2013 – Enterprisezine.jp – ネットワールド、クラウド事業向けSDN管理ソフトウェア「Anuta nCloudX」を発売 (NetWorld launches “Anuta nCloudX”)

04/18/2013 – CCICE – SDN: A Hot Area for Start-ups

04/11/2013 – Tech Target – Modern Infrastructure Decisions Practical Software-Defined Networking

04/02/2013 – AtMarkIt.co.jp: クラウド事業者におけるSDNの現実解? (Anuta nCloudX delivers real SDN for today’s cloud deployments)

04/01/2013 – TechTarget.com: How SDN Applications will change Layer 4-7 Network Services

03/28/2013 – NetworkComputing.com: Thinking Practically – Anuta Delivers SDN for Today’s Network

03/12/2013 – PacketPushers.net: Webinar: Anuta Networks Demonstrates nCloudX

02/15/2013 – NetworkComputing.com: SDN Startup Targets Cloud Providers

02/13/2013 – ServiceVirtualization.com: Exploring Two Emerging Categories of Network Service Virtualization

02/05/2013 – 451 Research: Anuta Networks aims to speed cloud deployments by simplifying network service

01/28/2013 – Light Reading: Startups Tackle Cloud Management

01/24/2013 – Indus Business Journal: Anuta Networks comes out of stealth mode

01/24/2013 – NetworkWorld: Ex-Cisco Engineers tackle Layer 4-7 SDN

01/24/2013 – DABCC.com: Anuta Launches Network Virtualization Platform

01/24/2013 – The DataCenter Journal: SDN Service Orchestration W/O OpenFlow

01/24/2013 – Converge! Network Digest: Anuta Networks Targets SDN Automation

01/23/2013 – Businesswire.com: Anuta Networks Pioneers Network Services Virtualization Technology

01/23/2013 – IT Business Edge: Anuta launches Network Virtualization Platform

01/23/2013 – Enterprise Networking Planet: Anuta Networks enables SDN service orchestration without OpenFlow

01/22/2013 – Rishidot Research: Anuta Networks unveils its nCloudX Platform