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Network Automation Workflow

Network Automation Workflow breaks down a higher-level activity into subtasks and ties them together with network events, provisioning actions, show-commands, pre-checks, git-pipelines, python scripts, post-checks, user forms and approvals, timed background tasks, inventory checks, etc. The Workflow Automation software offers an intuitive graphical designer to automate network provisioning and maintenance activities.

ATOM’s closed-loop network automation seamlessly integrates with diverse devices in complex multi-vendor, multi-domain networks to automate complicated Methods and Operating Procedures (MOPs) and free-up valuable resources. By stitching together heterogeneous activities, it provides reusable playbooks that accelerate use case development and deployment. Its AI-powered workflows eliminate human errors, facilitate error identification and troubleshooting through a unified interface. Hence, empowering operational teams with the essential agility and responsiveness to prioritize strategic business activities for faster time to market.

A network outage lasting only a single hour can cost a business more than $300,000

How does Low-Code Automation work?

Benefits of ATOM Network Automation Workflow

ATOM leverages BPMN 2.0 for low code automation and simplifies the design of self-service workflows with a GUI. Creating a workflow is as easy as drawing a Network Diagram in Visio by defining new tasks or picking from a library of available tasks.

Document, Standardize & Automate known method-of-procedures

Tired of maintaining multiple Method-of-Procedures (MOPs) for provisioning, troubleshooting and upgrading the network? Standardize & Automate your MOPs using ATOM’s Network Automation Workflow

Integrate home-grown scripts & Ansible playbooks

Don’t throw away any efforts you have made to automate your network. ATOM offers integration of home-grown scripts and triggers Ansible playbooks that you have been using in your networks

Create reusable workflow libraries

Create workflows once, and use it multiple times. Call them as sub-routines into your regular workflows. ATOM offers tight integration of workflows including error handling between workflows.

Design end-user forms, manipulate workflows & schedule them

Trigger your workflows with enough information by creating end-user forms, handle complex use cases by manipulating each task in the workflow, compare the pre & post-checks, and draw inferences to execute the MOPs successfully.

Create Custom Reports on dashboard

Create Reports for Workflow, Workflow instances and Workflow activities with a wide range of in built filters to analyze your workflow state. Reports generated can be seen on the Dashboard and exported as well.

Utilize Co-pilot, Form Builder to accelerate workflow creation

Create Reports for Workflow, Workflow instances and Workflow activities with a wide range of in built filters to analyze your workflow state. Reports generated can be seen on the Dashboard and exported as well.

What’s unique to ATOM Network Automation Workflow

Low-code graphical workflow designer

ATOM offers a Visio like BPMN2.0 based graphical user interface that allows drag and drop of tasks to create simple and complex workflows. Build end-user forms, create user and system tasks, use DMN forms, comment on each workflow task, call inline scripts, incorporate existing scripts, and much more. Low code automation enables even users with little scripting knowledge to also create and deploy the workflows with ease.

Trigger workflows using network monitoring thresholds

Kick start a remediation or ticketing workflow when a KPI threshold gets breached. ATOM network workflow automation is tightly coupled with its alerting and network monitoring engine to trigger closed-loop automation.

Integration with Service Orchestration

Integrate pre & post-validations to service orchestration, compare them all in a single workflow to ensure successful service provisioning and availability. In the event of unsuccessful post-checks, trigger notifications to northbound portals.

Auto rollback & error scenarios

In case of an issue during workflow execution, ATOM handles error scenarios and takes actions, including notifying the team, performing a rollback to the last known state, or undoing operations.

Infrastructure Integration

Automate workflows from portals like ServiceNow, JIRA, and get notified of failures on SLACK and Teams. ATOM provides relevant payload information for swift network issue resolution, supporting OPEN API for seamless infrastructure integration.

Intelligent Automations with AI/ML

Know the time it will take to deploy a workflow, Trend analysis for your network activities like BGP flapping and Outlier Analysis with ATOM’s intelligent workflows. For more use cases see below

Intuitive Workflow Scheduler

The latest workflow UI brings highly streamlined scheduling with built-in calendar utility which allows users to set not just the start time of a workflow instance but also provide the user-inputs required for the instance to run from the same scheduling screen.

In-depth View and Actionable Insights

Users can visualize the relationships between the workflow instances, the devices, controllers and other external platforms that the workflow instance is going to touch.Besides, the heat-map feature allows users to pin-point regular road-blocks and bottle-neck tasks to achieve better performing workflows.

Data Mutations

ATOM’s Mutation Designer Tool offers a user-friendly graphical interface for creating and customizing data mutation workflows, enabling the visual design of data transformation, mapping, structuring, and simplifying complex mutation tasks.

Best In Class Developer support with improved UI:

ATOM offers Developer Support for creating, replicating, and testing workflows. The entire workflow, along with task details, can be converted to portable XML code. Script tasks can be individually tested using the built-in console. The enhanced UI features an expanded Form Builder canvas, accessible buttons, and intuitive task tracking.

O-RAN case study

A Fortune-500 company based in the USA wanted to deploy an Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) as a service to accelerate its nation-wide 5G roll-out.

Ergon case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM automated L2/L3 VPN services for a large clean energy company


Network Automation Workflow
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