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Workflow Dashboards & Reporting

For organizations, gaining profound insights into their business processes is essential for making informed, data-driven decisions that drive process optimization. ATOM offers customized and automated reports for every workflow for enhanced network infrastructure management. These reports deliver a holistic network health overview, facilitate compliance checks and capacity planning, and provide insights through performance trend analysis. Additionally, ATOM’s dashboards are fully configurable, accommodating diverse elements within the system for a tailored experience.

How does ATOM Workflow Dashboards & Reporting Work?

Benefits of ATOM's Dashboards & Reporting

Analyze Process Duration

Gain insights into workflow durations based on different process variables. Group variables to identify areas impacting processes significantly.

Track Process Instance Variations

Monitor process instance variations over time to adjust resources accordingly. Create custom reports for analyzing process instances and their characteristics.

Optimize Task Duration

Focus optimization efforts on specific tasks by analyzing minimum, maximum, median, and average task durations on flow nodes.

Improve Specific Process Steps

Concentrate on specific steps in complex processes, analyzing durations to develop performance-enhancing strategies.

Analyze Decision Tables

Delve into DMN decision tables outside your processes. Examine evaluations, input/output variables, and rule matches for optimization insights.

Discover Trends of Activities

Explore trends in activity frequencies through a Stacked Bar Chart, categorized by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, providing valuable insights into task patterns over time.

Additional features of ATOM's Dashboards & Reporting

View Workflow Timeline

View a histogram that displays the duration of recent, fastest, and slowest instances in your chosen time unit, providing a visual representation of workflow performance over time.

Business Status Summary

Keep tabs on the status of workflows, whether they are actively in progress, canceled, have encountered errors, or have been completed.

SLA Compliance Summary

Monitor the compliance of your workflows with defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs), offering a clear understanding of which workflows meet these commitments.

Business & Compliance Trends

Explore trends in  SLA Compliance or business status data, displayed in a Stacked Bar Chart format and grouped by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, providing valuable insights into workflow performance trends over time.  

Track Task progress

 Keep a comprehensive watch on the status of user tasks, encompassing unclaimed, assigned, completed, and canceled states.

Activity Insights

Analyze activity performance with histograms showcasing both average duration and execution frequency, enabling you to identify both the quickest and most frequent actions within your processes.

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