The Energy Industry in the form of Utility and Oil & Gas sectors are set for a digital revolution. It is driven by the four forces of digitalization, decentralization, decarbonization, and democratization. Technology innovation at the grid edges, the introduction of IoT, and ensuring 24×7 services will require a host of new network capabilities to serve various digital applications and platforms. There has never been a better time to equip the network teams with solutions that can enable them to take on the challenges of digital disruption in energy sectors.

Challenges in Energy sectors

Geo-diverse locations serving large scale networks

Unsuccessful collaboration efforts between central & remote IT teams

Complex operation and maintenance of network services

Ensuring secure access to the network through compliance

Ensuring effective WAN connections between locations

Proactive monitoring to detect issues resulting in outages

Many IoT terminals sending information back into the network

Faster troubleshooting & remediation to ensure uptime

How Anuta ATOM helps?

Focus more on the business, leave the NetOps to ATOM

ATOM takes all the NetOps hassles head-on, and allows teams to focus on innovation thus enabling them to expand their business. Standardize, and automate all the network operations and bring more control over the network

A Unified platform simplifies network management and upgrades

Don’t be troubled by multiple tools! Use ATOM to get the benefits of an integrated tool that handles network management with ease. Be it legacy or modern infrastructure, spinning up services or upgrades, ATOM can deliver it all

Horizontally scalable microservices architecture

With a revolution of IoT happening in Energy sectors, the networks are going to explode. ATOM powered by a horizontally scalable microservices architecture meets the scale of any network size to cater to all automation requirements

Standardize configurations across central and remote locations

Use ATOM’s workflow management and service orchestration to automate and standardize method-of-procedures and service provisioning respectively to bring order in the way both central and remote IT teams work.

Automate & Monitor WAN technologies such as multi-vendor IP/MPLS or SD-WAN

ATOM handles provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance of IP/MPLS or modern SD-WAN through its closed-loop automation framework. With in-depth monitoring and analytics, ATOM offers a precise view of network events.

24x7 compliance management to ensure security and regulatory compliance

Ensuring conformance to regulatory standards or organizational standards is important. ATOM’s service and configuration compliance offers monitoring of deviations and auto-remediation to ensure 24×7 compliance

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