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Entertainment companies around the globe have only one goal – provide the much-needed joy to their customers. This could be in the form of a ride in the theme park, or a live event or even streaming a popular show over their CDN network without glitches. Supporting all these networks that entertain the world, are the superheroes guarding the network infrastructure. But are they equipped with the right set of tools to save the world? In order to service the next generation of entertainment, they needed a partner whose technology is secure, reliable, and intelligent.

Challenges in Media & Entertainment sectors

Next-generation entertainment requires a network that supports the burst of traffic

QoE and QoS are common requirements to ensure HD quality music and video delivery

Company-owned CDN networks to serve video traffic by moving content closer to end-users

Data security and Intellectual property to ensure important data remains protected always

Remain compliant to regulatory and internal standards to keep data secure at all times

Cloud-computing and increased use of IP fabric puts additional burden on operational teams

Migration from legacy to modern infrastructure including the introduction of the new IP stack

Achieving software compliance across a vast network base to ensure security

How Anuta ATOM helps?

Horizontally scalable with a modern software stack

As the network embraces more data, it has to grow exponentially. So does the network automation platform managing the network! Achieve that and more with ATOM with the most modern software stack and microservices architecture supporting a distributed deployment

An end-to-end automation platform

Thinking of stateful service provisioning of QoS, or taking an action based on QoS deviation or provisioning uniform security policies – ATOM offers both service modeling for stateful use cases and workflow automation for stateless use cases

A unified single-source-of-truth for the infrastructure

Modern network architectures or legacy IT infrastructure, ATOM offers a single-source-of-truth for all the network automation requirements right across configuration management, compliance management, and provisioning automation.

Navigate seamlessly through migration projects

IPv4 to IPv6 migration or other network infrastructure projects, ATOM helps to factor in pre-checks and post-checks and helps you through a smooth transition with a visual approach through its workflow automation

Achieve 24x7 compliance with remediation

In an industry as dynamic as media & entertainment, adhering to a standard is important. Define policies and schedule compliance checks with ATOM. ATOM offers audit reports and remediation to ensure compliance at all times.

Keep good track of your network

Get the minutest details of your network events notified to you with ATOM. Be it network level, device level, interface level or routing statistics, ATOM tracks it all, gives you in-depth visualization and performs Alerting through Closed-Loop automation framework

Tata Communications case study

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Ergon case study

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