A dashboard should provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for efficient visualization and analysis of process data, allowing users to view their network fully. Recognizing this necessity, ATOM offers pre-configured dashboards and the flexibility to customize them. Users can effortlessly create personalized dashboards by dragging and dropping widgets onto a blank canvas, setting it apart as a highly adaptable dashboard system.

Dashboards are configurable for many items within ATOM, including devices, workflows, compliance, assurance, alerts, external integrations, and servers. Users can create and pin reports to their chosen dashboard, which can be added or removed with a single click.

Dashlets, which include grid views, charts, graphs, and other supported types, can be easily rearranged within the dashboard to prioritize critical information. When a dashlet becomes unnecessary, it can be effortlessly removed to suit the requirement. Users can pin similar dashlets to a dashboard to curate relevant data for informed decision-making.


For instance, the Software Compliance Dashboard can display compliant and non-compliant graphs based on device count, device family group, or vendor group, and it can be further customized by adding more relevant dashlets.

How does ATOM Dashboards work?

Benefits of ATOM's Dashboards

Monitor Your Network

Use target values to proactively identify and address areas requiring attention for optimal user experiences

Evaluate Metrics

Consistently monitor process performance over time and aggregate data from multiple processes into single dashboards for comprehensive assessment, guiding optimization efforts for maximum ROI

Advanced Analytics

Leverage the expressive report builder, detailed filters, BPMN heatmaps, and analysis tools to uncover actionable insights and improvement opportunities.

Create Benchmarks

Establish and share KPIs to enable process owners to explore and enhance performance metrics.

Additional features of ATOM's Dashboards

Workflow Status

Keep a real-time pulse on your workflows – from ongoing tasks to completed projects

State of User Tasks

Efficiently manage user tasks, monitoring their progression from assignment to completion

Track Activities

Stay in control of all activities – those in progress, completed, or canceled


Maintain SLAs

Ensure your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are consistently met and compliance maintained

Instances and Activities Trends

Uncover valuable insights by analyzing trends in recent, fastest, and slowest instances and activities

ATOM's Next-Generation EMS

Automate and Monitor Multi-Vendor Networks with Next-Generation Element Management

Inventory Management Use Cases

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FAQ on Inventory Management

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