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Datacenter Automation

Datacenters are the backbone of any organization’s developmental strategies. With advancements happening across this domain, from moving to spine-leaf architectures from the traditional 3-tier architecture to workload migrations to public clouds, DCs have never been more exciting. Ask yourself if this transition has been an easy one?

With tons of applications being hosted in various DCs, organizations have to be vigilant like never before. They are keenly tracked by regulatory policies and there is a direct revenue impact with the performance of DCs. Therefore, the NetOps teams have to be armed with the right set of tools that can help them build, deploy, analyze and remediate.

NetOps tries to address with multiple tools adding an additional burden of managing those tools.

Anuta ATOM offers you a multitude of features to aid in data center automation in an all integrated platform.

Challenges in Datacenters

Managing legacy and modern infrastructure such as SDN controllers

Service chaining, and support for VXLAN, EVPN across multiple vendors

Multi-tenancy requirements for a segregated and secure environment

Establish and maintain safe and secure connections to public clouds

Correlation between events in underlay and overlay networks to gain more visibility

Frequent software upgrades to ensure security and feature requirements

Creation & maintainance of multi-vendor & multi-platform method-of-procedures

Faster identification & remediation of issues to meet customer SLAs & avoid revenue loss

What can you achieve with Anuta ATOM

Realize application delivery use cases needing multiple touchpoints across platforms using ATOM. Use ATOM’s abstraction using service YANG models to ensure smooth provisioning across multi-vendor & hybrid cloud networks

Unified policy for legacy and SDN fabric infrastructure

Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, legacy infrastructure or hybrid cloud ATOM offers a standardized approach to both legacy and SDN based infrastructure through common and native YANG models
Use ATOM’s workflow automation to document, standardize, and visualize method-of-procedures for provisioning, OS upgrades, and troubleshooting activities. Perform automated multi-vendor OS upgrades using out-of-box workflows

Out-of-box Multi-tenancy feature

ATOM offers out-of-box multi-tenancy & RBAC feature from the user interface all the way to the resource level to offer efficient segregation to customers

Create a mutually aware overlay & physical network

ATOM’s network monitoring & event correlation capabilities allow teams to draw insights into the events happening in overlay and physical networks
Worried about maintaining customer SLAs? Automate known troubleshooting techniques and trigger auto-remediation with ATOM’s Closed-loop automation

Tata Communications case study

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Telstra case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM powered the Telstra Cloud Data Center Interconnect (CDCI)

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