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Network Monitoring & Analytics

Network Monitoring & Analytics provides network operators and administrators with a deeper understanding of their network. A typical network – enterprise, data center, telecom or cloud – is hugely diverse. It comprises various devices from multiple vendors – a load balancer from F5, a firewall from Checkpoint, routers, and switches from Cisco and Juniper. Pinpointing and addressing any issue in such a network without relevant statistics and analytical information is tedious and error-prone.

Network Monitoring & Analytics allows the operator to collect valuable continuous data, eliminate noise, analyze trends and predict future behavior. True network analytics needs to start by being completely vendor agnostic. It should be able to collect data across disparate devices, store the relevant time series data and correlate that data in real-time.

Ensure 80% reduction in MTTR by deploying an integrated monitoring and automation solution

How does Network Monitoring & Analytics work?

Benefits of ATOM's Network Monitoring & Analytics

One data collector

Be it SNMP, SNMP traps, Syslog or modern streaming telemetry, ATOM can ingest it all. ATOM normalizes this disparate data and offers real-time information via its Apache Kafka and time-series database

In-depth KPI monitoring & reporting

ATOM offers detailed device, platform, and regional level statistics in addition to the routing protocol and interface statistics. View & download detailed reports on performance, inventory, operational and network compliance status.

Offers Multi-domain and Multi-Vendor support

Are you using multiple monitoring tools to handle different parts of your network? With its multi-domain & multi-vendor support, ATOM can be the unified network monitoring tool to serve the breadth of your network

Provides advanced customizable visualization and deep insights

Use out-of-box templates offered by ATOM or create custom charts and visualize node health, compare Interface statistics, and much more from the information collected from traditional protocols and model-driven telemetry

What’s unique to ATOM's Network Monitoring & Analytics

Automated Alerting & Alert Routing

ATOM offers threshold-based alerts to baseline the network behavior. ATOM routes the alerts generated upon the threshold breach to Email, Slack, webhooks, and other collaboration tools

Trigger advanced workflows

Are you tired of following troubleshooting MOPs? With tight integration to ATOM’s workflow automation, alerts generated can trigger remediation workflows to take automated actions on the network elements.


Bring more control into the remediation of issues by ATOM. With an open & API driven platform, ATOM integrates into ITSM, OSS/BSS tools to automatically trigger incident tickets or sending notifications.

Aids low-latency requirements through distributed deployment

Does your industry demand low-latency in handling network events? ATOM’s microservices-based architecture allows distributed deployment where ATOM collectors can be deployed closer to the networks

Sets the stage for AI & ML

ATOM has the right architectural components to serve a distinctive AI and ML framework. Both AI and ML are on the roadmap and will be delivered with well-defined use cases

Tata Communications case study

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Leading Financial Enterprise

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FAQ on Network Monitoring & Analytics
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