Banks and financial institutions are constantly striving to improve their customer and employee experiences. In their journey to achieve digital innovation, network infrastructure plays a significant role. Be it offering 24×7 services through their online portals, ensuring ATM uptimes, rolling out new branch offices, or supporting a new acquisition, the network plays the glue. Unsurprisingly the IT staff is in the middle of a storm constantly challenged at every juncture be it maintaining application uptime, digital innovation or ensuring network service assurance. They need tools that can handle mission-critical networks with an eagle’s eye and catch the impending issues proactively.

Challenges in Financial sectors

Having to maintain business-critical applications to ensure customer satisfaction

Accommodate scaling business in the form of new branches and mergers and acquisitions

Critical and real-time financial data on the network needs granular monitoring

Deployment of mainstream services like guest Wi-Fi access and bring-your-own-device

Frequent security patches & upgrades to ensure compliance to ensure vulnerability fixes

Frequent configuration audits to ensure regulatory compliance to PCI & internal standards

Manual troubleshooting techniques are time-taking affecting services & revenue loss

IT team spends time on firefighting circuit failures and applying security patches.

Why Anuta ATOM?

Bring standardization, support diverse and any size infrastructure

ATOM – a platform that standardizes your processes through network automation via ZTP, service orchestration and workflow automation while scaling to meet the breadth of your network with its horizontally scalable architecture

Listen to your network like never before

ATOM’s network monitoring capabilities offers in-depth visibility & real-time information from the network through its diverse collection capabilities, modern software stack, and out-of-box visualization experience

Remain stress-free with 24x7 regulatory compliance

Achieve 360* compliance with ATOM. Service compliance to meet customer SLAs, configuration compliance to ensure Day-0 standards or software compliance to eliminate vulnerabilities, ATOM does it all.

Out-of-box multi-vendor software upgrade workflows

Utilize ATOM’s out-of-box workflows for complex software upgrades that includes pre-validations, upgrade procedure, post-validations, and rollback tasks – all factored into the same workflow

Meet customer SLAs head-on with Closed-Loop Automation

Built on ATOM’s alerting framework, Closed-loop automation offers automated service assurance freeing up resources from mundane troubleshooting activities to contribute to innovative solutions

An Open & secure platform to meet your requirements

ATOM offers SSO, 2FA, Multi-tenancy, and RBAC at a platform and resource level to ensure security and segregation to your organization and your customers. Every task within ATOM is documented and audited to ensure complete transparency

Tata Communications case study

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