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Accelerate your automation journey with Anuta ATOM

Optimize Multi-Vendor Networks: Cross-domain Integrations and Closed-Loop Automation with Low-Code Platform

Low Code Automation

Translate business intent and MoPs into powerful results

Intuitive drag-n-drop UI

Revolutionize your network automation with ATOM’s workflows for intuitive, visual, and impactful MOP execution

Out-of-box workflows

Leverage pre-built workflows developed over time from enterprise and service provider deployments for efficient automation

Highly customizable

ATOM accelerates business transformation by automating repetitive tasks, while reducing errors and processing time

External integrations

ATOM's low code UI allows easy integration with various systems like IPAM, ITSM, OSS/BSS, to customize and maintain use cases

Compliance Management

Stay Confident. Identify violations with On-Demand and Scheduled Multi-Vendor Compliance Checks

Intuitive policy builder

Define multi-vendor policies and combine them into profiles to establish network-wide standards

Streamlined reporting

Identify and address compliance issues efficiently with ATOM's embedded violation levels, which highlight the most critical policy breaches at the device level

Software compliance

Ensure compliance across strategic device groups or regions by using on-demand and scheduled multi-vendor compliance checks and analyze configuration consistency

Auto-remediation ensure 100% compliance

Remediate Issues with built-In capabilities, providing accurate configurations for non-compliant devices in on-demand or scheduled manner

Service Orchestration

Streamline Network Services lifecycle with ATOM

Model-driven Service Abstraction

ATOM uses an extensible, model-driven approach based on the IETF and OpenConfig YANG frameworks to abstract and manage services

Custom services

Any service requests beyond standardized services like L2 L3 VPN etc can be created in a stateful fashion using ATOM SDK

Stateful CRUD operations

Support for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations at all service component levels with a high degree of flexibility

Service activation test

Integrates with active assurance solution to validate service performance immediately after provisioning

Active Service Assurance

Ensure service SLAs with ATOM ASA

Layer 2 – 7 Tests

ATOM's ASA allows custom test probes creation using L2 to L7 metrics, besides pre-built tests

Triggered action and Remediation

Quickly resolve issues with automated workflows. Leverage predictive analytics to identify potential issues and reduce MTTR

Individual tests or templates

Choose from a range of tests including TWAMP, DNS, HTTP, TCP/UDP, etc. or create your own test suite using templates

Flexible Agent deployment

Synthetic traffic generating agents can be deployed anywhere in the end-to-end path as containers or VMs to ensure optimal servicedelivery

Closed-loop Automation

Define network intent and remediate the deviations

Smart Network Automation

Your one-stop solution for an intelligent network - Define, Collect, Correlate, Notify & Remediate at scale

Automated troubleshooting

Say goodbye to repetitive network issues - automate troubleshooting method of procedures

Workflow integration

React instantaneously to network events with the power of integrated Workflows

Alerting dashboards & Notification

Simplify network reporting with comprehensive CLA dashboards event viewer, alert grouping, and 3rd party integrations(Learn more-link)

Network Monitoring

Enhance network performance with ATOM FCAPS' comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities

Disparate source aggregation

Maximize network visibility by integrating SNMP/traps, streaming telemetry, and syslog to ensure comprehensive data collection

In-depth insights

ATOM correlates and analyzes data from multiple sources for real-time, granular network visibility down to device level

Event correlation & alert routing

Notify stakeholders quickly of threshold breaches via email, Slack, and other collaboration tools

Customizable reporting

ATOM provides customizable dashboards and geospatial topological views for visualizing historical and real-time performance, inventory, operations, and compliance data