Anuta ATOM

Analytics and Closed-Loop Automation for
Multi-Vendor Networks

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Brownfield Discovery

Build Topology, Discover Devices and Services

Service Chaining

Orchestration for Multi-Vendor Physical and Virtual Networks

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Support for PnP, Workflow and Software Maintenance and Upgrades


Extensible with YANG

Import models from OpenConfig and IETF and augment with Python

Cross-Domain Automation

Anuta ATOM offers complete Network Service Lifecycle management for Thousands of physical and virtual devices from 45+ leading vendors using a model-driven approach.

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Deeper and Wider Analytics

  • Time-Series Data at µs granualrity
  • Grafana Integration for Visualization and Latency Metrics
  • Query and Optimization for Network status within 10 milliseconds
  • DSL for Custom reports, notifications and dashboards

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Assurance: Driven by Humans, Powered by Machines

Closed-Loop Automation

Avoids human intervention for known troubleshooting steps

Threat Prevention

Automates remediations to improve consistency and reliability

Traffic Steering

Monitors bandwidth allocation and re-directs traffic for optimal quality of experience

Detect Deviation from Baseline

Correlates the behavior and Automates corrective actions for compliance

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Auto-Scalable, Resilient and Flexible Deployment Options

Whether you have a Small or Huge, On-prem or Cloud, Distributed or Centralized, Greenfield or Brownfield, Single or Multi-Vendor Network,
you can introduce automation with Anuta ATOM at your pace.

Architecture for Massive Scale

VMs, Containers or
Appliances for a ton
of choices

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Ready for Pay as you
Grow Deployments

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