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Accelerate your automation journey with Anuta ATOM

Optimize Multi-Vendor Networks: Cross-domain Integrations and Closed-Loop Automation with Low-Code Platform

Cloud-Native Architecture

Unmatched Agility with ATOM's Microservices Architecture and Flexible Deployments

Microservices architecture

Every feature runs as an independent microservice built on the most modern software stack, Ready to be installed, upgraded, or scaled down as needed.

Massive scale

Owing to the microservices architecture, ATOM can scale horizontally to cater to the growing size of your network. Tested for million plus devices.

Supports geo-distributed deployment

No more network latency worries. ATOM offers distributed deployment for global networks - place agents near your network for lightning-fast performance.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Support

Deploy ATOM on-prem Kubernetes, private cloud or on public clouds. Deploy it on VMs or on bare metal, ATOM can adapt!. Contact us to learn more on the ATOM footprint.

YANG Engine

Unmatched Agility with ATOM's YANG Engine

Comprehensive YANG Catalog

ATOM provides a rich catalog of pre-built service YANG models(e.g. L3VPN etc.), reducing the time and effort for network automation.

Multi-Vendor Support

It enables seamless integration with diverse network devices from different vendors.

Customizable Yang Models

Build custom yang models and also augment them with standards based YANG Models to build the perfect device config payload.

Policy-Driven Automation

It empowers policy-based automation, simplifying network configuration and provisioning.


Accelerate Network Automation Development with our Versatile SDK


Extensibility reduces costs, time, and resources associated with maintaining and updating software systems.

Application Lifecycle Management

Extensibility streamlines deployments, builds, test automation, and client delivery, enhancing the user experience despite frequent improvements.

Pre-Built Integrations

Off-the-shelf capabilities like plugins for workflow and ITSM tools, extending device models and much more that accelerate time to value with minimal investment.

Improved Quality of Service

Extensibility enables seamless upgrade, patching, and API changes without affecting customizations, resulting in significantly improved service quality.

BPMN Engine

Something developed for understanding and communicating Business process intricacies, we have reused in a totally refreshing way

Visual Modeling

ATOM's BPMN Engine allows users to visually model and design complex MOPs using different types of tasks and activities. Easy to understand and easy to build.

Visual Debugging

The workflow progress and related issues are presented as a visual feedback to allow easy debugging.

Integration Capabilities

It seamlessly integrates with external systems(e.g. IPAMs, ITSM etc.) and scripting (e.g. python,groovy), enabling greater collaboration.

Real-time Monitoring

It provides real-time monitoring and visibility into the status and performance of business processes and update dashboards.

Integration Builder

Where Seamless Integration Meets Network Innovation

Out-of-box Integrations

From OSS/BSS tools to latest SDx controllers and devices we provide one of the largest integration libraries in the industry.


With Anuta Engineering support or your internal development, customers can easily build new integrations using our tools like Swagger Builder.

Integration Flexibility

The availability of tools like Workflows and Services and extensive integration support enable innovation across diverse environments.

Seamless Integrations

ATOM's containerized and microservices architecture fosters greater collaboration with containerized applications and tools, driving efficient integrations.

Virtual Assistant

Simplify Network Management and Automation using AI powered Virtual Assistance

Simplified network management

ATOM virtual assistant understands natural language commands, enabling data-driven decision-making by querying databases, analyzing network performance metrics, identifying bottlenecks, and providing optimization recommendations.

Adaptive Security management

ATOM's virtual assistant combines AI with network security principles and set baselines to detect and respond to real-time threats and anomalies , protecting network infrastructure.

Configuration management

ATOM virtual assistant helps automate and trigger the configuration and provisioning of network devices, ensuring consistency and accuracy across your network infrastructure.

Automated network troubleshooting

ATOM's NLP AI-powered virtual assistant analyzes network issues, offers detailed diagnostics, and guides administrators for faster issue resolution, reducing MTTR.