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Inventory Management

With rapid technological advancements, businesses frequently undergo network infrastructure changes that introduces numerous challenges. Manually tracking and compiling data is a time-consuming process that often leads to overlooking devices, entering data incorrectly, and making compilation errors. This is why every business needs a tool to organize and manage network configurations and device inventory. Efficient network inventory management is crucial for effectively managing network devices, organizing assets, and tracking configurations to ensure smooth network operations.

ATOM provides different levels of Inventory ManagementInterface Inventory, Chassis Inventory, Software Inventory, License Inventory

The inventory helps the operator to access the status and attributes of physical and logical interfaces, track the serial number of modules, compliant and non-compliant software, and the validity of license features.

ATOM brings an AI-powered, cloud-native network inventory approach that offers a single source of truth for end-to-end network visibility

How does Inventory Management work?

Benefits of ATOM's Inventory Management

Interface Track

ATOM provides comprehensive real-time visibility into physical and logical device interfaces, offering detailed parameters such as MTU, VLAN, and descriptions, facilitating efficient troubleshooting and proactive monitoring of network connectivity.

Module Serial Number

ATOM capture and track module serial numbers, providing accurate and up-to-date records for efficient inventory management and device tracking.

Software Compliance

ATOM assists in maintaining software compliance by tracking installed software versions and facilitating software audit readiness.

Track license

ATOM also captures device licenses, and usage across devices, ensuring adherence to licensing agreements.

Additional features of ATOM's Inventory Management

Ensure Network Health

Network device inventory facilitates audits by providing essential information for compliance verification, asset tracking, security assessment, change management evaluation, and documentation.

Generate Reports

Users can effortlessly download reports in CSV format with filtering options, simplifying data analysis and customization

Perform Audit

ATOM has the service discovery feature to discover brownfield services with resources and manage them.

Detect Inventory Changes

Track and detect inventory changes by monitoring device additions, modifications, and removals, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory records.

ATOM's Next-Generation EMS

Automate and Monitor Multi-Vendor Networks with Next-Generation Element Management

Inventory Management Use Cases

Read more to know how ATOM implements inventory management for complex use cases



FAQ on Inventory Management

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