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Anuta ATOM: Cross-Domain Network Automation Use Cases

Automate multiple domain controllers with a flexible low-code workflow platform & achieve complete life-cycle automation from a single pane of glass!

End-to-End Segmentation and Consistent Policy Enforcement Across Campus

A single-pane-of-glass for SD-Access (Cisco DNAC) and SD-WAN (Cisco vManage) for consistent policy enforcement

Define Consistent Policy

Enabling centralized policy management for TrustSec configurations and Group Based Access Policies

Reduce Complexity and Errors

Automating and standardizing the process of extending macro-segmentation and micro-segmentation across SD-Access and SD-WAN domains

Automated Rollback

Ensure error-free, centralized policy enforcement, reducing complexity and maintaining consistency across domains

Rapid onboarding of SD-WAN Branch (Cisco Meraki)

Complete automation for the SD-WAN branch onboarding involving integration with multiple systems, branch network configurations, and pre & post-check verifications

Simplify Onboarding Process

Eliminate complex steps involving configuration, IP address reservation, and integration with multiple systems to reduce manual effort and the chance of errors while introducing automated rollback support

Integration with Existing Systems

Integrating various external systems, including SD-WAN controllers, ITSM, IPAM, and asset inventory systems to foster collaboration and synchronization across domains

Change Management

Easy incorporation of ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, allowing users to initiate change requests via tickets

Reliable Network Infrastructure

Trust in the automation process to handle network misconfigurations and availability issues effectively, leading to more stable and reliable connectivity between branch offices and the organization resources that are either on-prem or on the cloud

Automated Policy Update for SD-WAN from ITSM

Reduce time-per-task for complex inter-dependent configurations for cloud and SD-WAN devices with an integrated cross-domain Cisco product

Simplify and Expedite Operations

Automated SD-WAN workflows to expedite new change requests and services

Faster Incident Resolution

Quick incident resolution in response to network outages to reduce downtime and improve service availability

Fast, Secure SD-WAN

Improved user experience for cloud applications with timely updates to SD-WAN policies

Deploy L3VPN to enable Site Connectivity

Deploy scalable VPNs and deliver value-added services integrated with Cross-domain Cisco products like NSO

Integration with External Orchestrator (NSO)

Configure physical or virtual elements for multiple networks sourced from different vendors

Stateful Services

Support for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations at all service component levels with a high degree of flexibility

Massive Scale

Provision hundreds of services per hour with a remarkable speed of just 2 hours per device

TMF Compliant

Deliver NaaS for Service providers to innovate faster and further monetize their networks

Accelerated Application Access across Campus and Data Center

Single-pane-of-glass to manage SD-Access (Cisco DNAC) & SDN-DC (Cisco ACI)

Holistic, Real-Time visibility

Single network fabric for understanding network health, identifying performance bottlenecks to make informed decisions

Enhanced Access Control

Granular access control through Scalable Group Tags (SGTs) and End Point Groups (EPGs) to enforce precise access policies

Multi-Domain Automation for the Enterprise

Accelerate Network Change Requests from Initiation to Completion with integrated cross-domain Cisco product

Rapid Request Handling

Initiate network requests easily, and watch as our automation swiftly opens tickets, ensuring your needs are addressed promptly.

Seamless Network Configuration

With our multi-domain automation, enjoy the convenience of automated SD-Access and SD-WAN provisioning, VPN setup, and workload creation in the public cloud with automated rollback —all at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security and Access

Fortify your network with precision as we automate firewall policies for safe access to SaaS and public cloud resources, ensuring your data stays secure.

Complete Network Confidence

Verify end-to-end connectivity and receive instant notifications, allowing you to trust that your network is always ready.

Multi-Cloud On-Ramp Automation & Assurance

VPC Deployment, Branch to Cloud Connectivity, and Health Monitoring

Seamless Public Cloud Resource Provisioning

Provision Host VPC and EC2 instances in AWS (or GCP or Azure), laying the foundation for your multi-cloud journey.

Activate Connections with Continuous Monitoring

Ensure vEdge VPN connectivity and swiftly address issues with proactive ITSM ticketing so your network never loses its stride

Configuration Expertise and Cloud Gateway Deployment

Configure your network, seamlessly update ITSM tickets, and deploy cloud gateways for a reliable Transit VPC connection

Testing Triumph and Proactive Troubleshooting

Automate network validation with ThousandEyes, weaving its troubleshooting magic to ensure your multi-cloud network resilience

Orchestration of Cisco SD-Access – DC Integration

Simplifying Campus and DC Fabric Automation

Efficiency and Speed

Automating the entire Day 0 to Day N process, from receiving a customer request to verifying end-to-end connectivity, significantly reduces manual intervention and accelerates service delivery.

Consistency and Accuracy

Eliminate the potential for human errors in tasks such as BGP and VRF-Lite configuration, ensuring consistent and accurate provisioning every time.

Improved Communication

Ensure seamless communication with stakeholders through email and Slack notifications at various process stages, enhancing collaboration and keeping everyone informed.

Streamlined Management

Manage automation, campus branch onboarding, L3 hand-off, ACI fabric provisioning, and other complex tasks from a single interface