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Whether it’s identifying Policy Rule Violations, Compliance issues, Device Access Failures, or Config Mismatches, the first step to remediate an issue is reporting. In today’s expansive networking landscape, comprehensive reporting is essential due to the growing inventory of devices and software. A unified platform with an intuitive interface is crucial for accessible reporting. While existing tools offer predefined reports, they often fall short of meeting all reporting needs. Network operators resort to manual data consolidation without this flexibility, introducing inefficiencies. ATOM introduces a unified and customizable platform essential for users of network automation tools. This platform offers adaptability in reporting, enabling the handling of custom attributes and the generation of new reports from diverse data sources spanning different domains.

As enterprises adapt to multi-cloud environments, remote work, and edge applications, the demand for consistent data across devices is vital for maintaining network health and security.

How does ATOM Reporting work?

Benefits of ATOM's Reporting

Data Visualization

Reporting tools enable data visualization through charts, graphs, and tables, making it easier to understand complex information at a glance.

Issue Identification

Reporting, in general, helps in identifying issues or incidents, such as Policy Rule Violations, Compliance problems, Device Access Failures, and Config Mismatches.

Efficient Data Analysis

Reporting allows for efficient data analysis by filtering, sorting, and categorizing information, aiding in quick decision-making.

Custom Reporting

Customization of reports can be essential for tailoring data representation to specific organizational needs.

Additional features of ATOM's Reporting

Unified Data Gathering

ATOM provides a unified platform for gathering network data and reports across various domains, enhancing data centralization and accessibility.


Customizable Reports

Users can easily create customized reports based on available data, facilitating tailored insights and analytics.

Visual Representation

ATOM offers visual representation through charts and dashlets, making interpreting and acting on data simpler.

Dashboard Integration

ATOM supports dashboard integration for different applications, enabling easy reference to critical information.

Multiple Data Views

Users can switch between different data views, such as grid and card views, to analyze data effectively.

Data Export

ATOM allows users to import/export reports in CSV format, promoting data sharing and integration with external tools.

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