Inventory & Configuration Management Use Cases

Inventory Management

Use Anuta ATOM’s brownfield network discovery using SNMP sweep and CDP/LLDP seed mechanisms to onboard an existing network. Populate all device inventory into ATOM’s inventory database.

Onboard new devices using ATOM’s multi-vendor ZTP workflows. It checks for software compliance, upgrades the device if the existing image does not match your golden image, and then pushes the Day-0/Day-1 configurations to bring the device online. This can also include interactions with IPAM, and other asset management ecosystems.

Whether you are going through a network refresh or replacing a faulty gear, use ATOM’s automated RMA process to push the relevant version of configurations and onboard the new device into ATOM.

Finding it hard to track hardware details such as chassis details, linecards, PSU, Fan, SFPs in your multi-vendor network? Use ATOM to periodically gather this data and present a downloadable report for planning purposes. ATOM can also correlate the hardware information to the operational status. For example, ATOM can correlate the SFP details that includes slot number, serial number, type of SFP etc to the admin and operational status.

Use ATOM and its inventory collection capabilities to get the software version details running across the multi-vendor network. ATOM can generate reports specific to your requirements to further planning and action.

ATOM gathers important information such as Configuration register as part of its inventory management that offers insights into the basic device configuration. ATOM can generate reports specific to your requirements to further planning and action.

Configuration Management

Schedule configuration retrieval, or trigger a configuration pull on an out-of-band change using ATOM’s configuration management. ATOM also handles configuration restoration, where a specific configuration version can be pushed to the device.

Anuta ATOM monitors for any changes in the device configuration. Be it from ATOM or any out-of-band change, the latest configuration is immediately pulled to ensure consistency. ATOM also offers a comparison of configurations using a textual diff utility as well as a change log suggesting the exact changes in configuration elements.

Anuta ATOM supports both legacy CLI based devices and the modern devices supporting YANG over NETCONF. To bring in standardization, ATOM offers common YANG models for CLI based devices where the config elements in a Cisco device is going to look similar to a Juniper device. ATOM can directly ingest the schema from devices supporting YANG over NETCONF.