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Optimization & Troubleshooting

ATOM leverages data-rich insights to enhance automated business processes across multiple stages. It begins with benchmarking, defining KPIs, and creating dashboards to empower process owners. The subsequent monitoring phase uses predefined metrics for issue identification, while the analysis phase employs a versatile report builder, comprehensive filters, and specialized analysis tools for improvement insights. In the evaluation phase, the consistent performance of processes is assessed, with data aggregation into unified dashboards, enabling optimization efforts in areas with the highest potential return on investment. This systematic approach drives continuous process enhancement and user experience improvements.

How does Optimization & Troubleshooting work?

Benefits of ATOM's Optimization & Troubleshooting

Duration HeatMap

Visualize where your workflows allocate the most time, identifying areas for potential optimization.

Status HeatMap

ATOM capture and track module serial numbers, providing accurate and up-to-date records for efficient inventory management and device tracking.

Frequency HeatMap

Spotlight the most frequent tasks, shedding light on common activities within your processes.

Branch Analysis

Identify the most frequently traveled pathways within your processes, uncovering patterns for improvement.

Duration Analysis

Measure the time intervals between specific activities, pinpointing areas for time optimization.

What is unique about ATOM's Network Diagnostic tool

Outlier Analysis

ATOM offers an outlier analysis tool for identifying process instances with exceptional completion time variations. Users can access a heatmap for flow nodes, explore duration disparities, and analyze significant variable values for process optimization.

Create Decision Reports

ATOM provides versatile decision reports to gain insights into decision definitions. Users can create raw data reports, evaluate decision frequency, and analyze decision elements with options for various visualizations and grouping parameters.

Branch Analysis

ATOM offers branch analysis to determine the path tokens took within a process, particularly when multiple end events exist. This feature provides statistical insights into token splitting at specific gateways and the number of tokens from each branch reaching an end event.

Troubleshooting with ‘Activity Duration’ Analysis

Examine activity duration through a histogram, spotlighting the quickest and slowest actions within your chosen time frame. This assists in identifying potential bottlenecks and performance issues.

Troubleshooting Activity Frequency

Access a histogram, number card, or pie chart to visualize the frequency of activity execution, aiding in troubleshooting and offering insights into task patterns.

Troubleshooting with 'Activity Frequency' Trends

Explore activity frequency trends using a Stacked Bar Chart, categorized by daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. This visual representation provides valuable insights into task patterns over time, facilitating effective troubleshooting.

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