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Accelerate your automation journey with Anuta ATOM

Optimize Multi-Vendor Networks: Cross-domain Integrations and Closed-Loop Automation with Low-Code Platform

Cross-Domain Orchestrator

Unlock Exciting Use-Cases with Unified UX, Policy and Visibility

Low-Code Workflow

ATOM offers a user-friendly drag-n-drop builder and 350+ adapters for rapid, powerful cross-domain policy definition, customized reporting and adherence to the "4 eye principle" for execution.

Cross-Domain Use-Cases

Integrate domain controllers (SD-Access/WAN/DC) and 3rd party software (ITSM, IPAM, CI/CD, Inventory, Notifications) into ATOM workflows along with SSO capability.

Pre-Built Integrations

Accelerate deployments with ATOM's 100+ reusable workflows and integrations across 60+ vendor platforms using various protocols like REST, Kafka, NETCONF/YANG, and more.

Cloud-Native Platform

Experience performance, high availability, scalability, flexibility, security, and geo-redundancy in ATOM's architecture for networks of all sizes.

NaaS Orchestrator

Next-Level Networking: Embrace NaaS in CSP Customers and Campus Networks

Service Catalog Management

Simplify the creation and management of a comprehensive service catalog, enabling on-demand self-service provisioning for end-customers with ATOM.

Simplified Network Management

ATOM's NaaS support simplifies the management of large and complex campus/CSP networks. It offers centralized control, and visibility across multiple locations, and ensures compliance with SLAs.

Multi-Tenant Support

ATOM's NaaS support empowers service providers to deliver network services to multiple tenants, ensuring isolation and customization to meet each tenant's specific requirements.

Role-Based Access Control

ATOM provides granular role-based access control, allowing administrators to define access privileges and policies for different user roles within the campus network.

SASE Enabler

Enabling SASE Excellence: Empower, Streamline, Enhance, and Adapt.

Multi-Vendor Integration

Tailor Your SASE Solution and Optimize cost-efficiency by selecting specific components, while ATOM customizes and enables the solution to meet your unique requirements.

Enhanced Performance Insights

With ATOM's monitoring and analytics engine, organizations proactively identify and resolve network issues using synthetic traffic insertion, gaining valuable insights for optimizing SASE performance and user experience.

Automated Service Deployment

ATOM leverages YANG modeling to streamline SASE service management, empowering organizations to seamlessly deploy and synchronize services with CRUD operations.

Adaptable solution Integration

ATOM seamlessly integrates with 60+ vendors and 225+ platforms, future-proofing organizations to build flexible SASE networks in dynamic technological landscapes.

Cloud Service Provider Solutions

ATOM revolutionizes telecom and ISP management with cross-domain support


ATOM incorporates native support for TMF Open APIs, enabling seamless integration of underlying network infrastructure with OSS/BSS systems and facilitating collaboration with various stakeholder functions

Active Service Assurance

Verify the fulfillment of promised SLAs during new service delivery and on subsequent days by utilizing synthetic traffic load reporting for customers.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Both provider and customer premises nodes can be auto-provisioned upon making connections with error-free and standardised day-0 and day-1 profiles

Cross-Domain Support

ATOM orchestrates and manages Telecom and ISP services at scale as an end-to-end domain controller for multiple domains, including those with and without domain controllers.

Datacenter Solutions

Future-Ready Data Center: Modernize and Automate with Ease

Unified Compliance policy

ATOM’s config compliance can be used to regularly audit public cloud and external DC connectivity to maintain high security standards.

Data Center Interconnect

Connect data centers to one another, private/public clouds with comprehensive EVPN-VXLAN and IP fabric support across multiple vendors.

Streamlining OS Upgrades

The regular activity of Upgrades in the DC environment needs great supervision and has complex MOPs which can be automated using Workflows.

Service Chaining

ATOM connects network services through virtual network functions to automate traffic flow and accelerate delivery of applications.

Large Enterprise Solutions

NetOps Elevated: Accelerate Digital Transformation through Automation.

Boosts Productivity

ATOM On-boards devices via ZTP, automates policies like EVPN, segmentation, QoS, and streamlines maintenance tasks including software upgrades and migrations.

Simplifies Troubleshooting

Automates tasks such as health checks, vulnerability scanning, data gathering and ticket management with a layer of granular operator control using SSO, Multi-Tenancy and RBAC.

Enhanced Visibility

Consolidates topology, inventory, configuration and operational metrics across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks. ATOM offers a unified, real-time view of enterprise campus, branch, data center and cloud.

Closed-Loop Assurance

Predicts issues using analytics, compliance checks, and synthetic traffic. Automates fixes and notifications to meet SLAs.

Managed Service Provider Solutions

Empowering MSP Success with Seamless Automation

Multi-Tenancy and RBAC

Seamlessly manage multiple customers with single sign-on, leveraging consistent user roles across all customers.

Compliance and Assurance

ATOM's Config Compliance ensures optimal device behavior by managing config-drifts and Active Service Assurance guarantees end-to-end performance by synthetic traffic insertion, even across external domains.

Templating Support

Most repeated service and other config portions can be easily converted to command templates and can be run on-demand.

Cross-Domain Automation

ATOM provides comprehensive support for customers across diverse technology migration phases, bridging legacy networks and modern domain controllers