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Network operators and other service providers are undergoing a transition due to the rise of technologies such as 5G, IoT, and edge computing. While some of these technologies are still in infancy, and others not matured yet, SPs face an uphill task due to the data proliferation, reduction in ARPUs, and not to forget the pressure competition brings in ways that they have to be necessary investments for the next technology wave. These dynamic changes are going to drive up the operational costs, and burden to their already stressed NetOps teams. Having to learn multiple tools, multiple vendor CLIs, late-night troubleshooting can be put to an end, by adopting the right network automation platform. A platform that can deliver services quickly thus offering operational simplicity.

Challenges in Service Providers

Multi-skilled staff to meet the demands of a multi-vendor network

Complex use cases involving 5G,, WAN, x-haul, VPN, security, mobile & IoT

Disparate set of tools offering islands of information, licensing issues & training costs

Monolithic tools that are unable to scale to meet future requirements of SPs

Paper-based standards are hurting NetOps resulting in network outages

Lack of an efficient abstraction layer resulting in failed service activations

Unskilled staff at remote locations resulting in truck rolls & and hence OpEX

Ensuring high availability and uptime of network and applications

Why Anuta ATOM?

ATOM - The much-needed abstraction layer

ATOM offers service modeling capabilities using YANG for legacy as well as modern network devices to standardize operations. This relives NetOps from learning a new vendor CLI in a multi-vendor environment

A 360-degree network automation platform

Be it stateful use cases such as WAN, L2/L3VPN, EPVN or stateless use cases such as software image upgrades, ATOM handles all of them with ease. Experience ATOM’s workflow automation and service orchestration capabilities

Multi-vendor Zero-Touch Provisioning, Cisco PnP support

Use ATOM as a ZTP or PnP server! ATOM ensures software compliance through its upgrade workflows and pushes Day-0 templatized configurations to ensure remote locations are onboard with ease

Get rid of paper standards, use ATOM’s compliance management

Define policies and set standards for network configurations, schedule frequent compliance checks against a single or group of devices, analyze audit reports and perform remediation all from a single window

Unified network monitoring & service assurance to meet SLAs

Tired of handling open-ended tools for network monitoring with no service assurance? Use ATOM’s network monitoring to get deep insights & closed-loop automation to ensure network uptime

Horizontally scalable microservices architecture

Scale the breadth of your network and execute network automation at ease with ATOM’s microservices powered automation framework. Be it the services or database, ATOM can scale manually or based on KPIs to ensure service uptime

Tata Communications case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM enhanced TCL’s IZO SDWAN deployment using Monitoring and Closed Loop Automation

Ergon case study

Read more to know how Anuta ATOM automated L2/L3 VPN services for a large clean energy company
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