Network Automation Workflow

What is Network Automation Workflow?

Network Automation Workflow breaks down a higher level activity into subtasks and ties them together with network events, provisioning actions, show-commands, pre-checks, post-checks, user forms and approvals, timed background tasks, inventory checks etc.

The Workflow Automation software offers an intuitive graphical designer to automate network provisioning and maintenance activities.

True closed-loop network automation requires a comprehensive workflow utility that can integrate with diverse devices in the complex multi-vendor, multi-domain network.

Network automation workflow monitors and troubleshoots the entire network through a single pane of glass. It stitches together various heterogeneous activities and provides a reusable and executable playbook. It not only eliminates human errors but also makes it easy to locate the network error. Workflow Automation empowers network administrators to focus on strategic business activities rather than worry about the day to day operations.

Introduction to ATOM Workflow Automation

ATOM leverages BPMN 2.0 for low code automation and simplifies the design of self-service workflows with a GUI.

Creating a workflow is as easy as drawing a Network Diagram in Visio by defining new tasks or picking from a library of available tasks.

ATOM Workflow capabilities help to achieve simple to complex activities such as:

  1. Refresh Best Practice Config
    • SNMP, ACLs etc.,
  2. Orchestrate ATOM Service Models
    • CPE deployment, Application deployment
  3. Software Image Refresh
  4. Device RMA
  5. VNF Deployment

Salient Features of ATOM Workflow Automation:

ATOM workflow automation is an easy-to-use, horizontally scalable with rich integration capabilities that can provide complete closed-loop automation.

ATOM WorkFlow Automation – Demystified:

A holistic Closed Loop Automation requires Device/Network/Service Config Policy Management (using IETF YANG), Deployment & Placement (with TOSCA) of VNFs & Orchestration (via BPMN).

The ATOM workflow Automation engine consists of many components including Configuration Management, Inventory Management, Stateful Model Driven & Stateless CLI based Provisioning engine,  Exec-Show command engine, and Performance Inventory.

The ATOM Workflow Automation engine integrates with OSS, NMS, SDN Controllers, CMDB, IPAM, Syslog Collectors, and NetFlow Collectors.

ATOM Workflow Engine to automate processes and approval flows

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