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Delighting Customers with Cloud-Native Network Automation as a Service

“Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.”

James Clear, Atomic Habits

Today we are announcing ATOM Cloud, a SaaS offering of our award-winning network automation solution. ATOM Cloud is a culmination of numerous achievements, and I am beyond thrilled with its launch. Subsequently, I would like to share the story behind ATOM Cloud.

Anuta Networks was established nine years ago with a vision to develop a platform to address the anguish network administrators and operators face daily in monitoring, automating, and orchestrating multi-vendor networks. Networks are inherently dynamic and complex owing to organizational growth and technological advancements. A core aspect of our strategy is to closely monitor market offerings and align our products to these evolutions.

As Kubernetes and Dockers gained popularity, we re-architected our platform and developed a new solution – Anuta ATOM- one that is componentized, containerized, and massively scalable. This new platform enables network operators to add thousands of devices onto a single instance allowing them to control and monitor the entire network from a single-pane-of-glass.  As IT networks evolve, use-case complexity has increased and so did the footprint of network management tools. Our customers have often expressed their displeasure with uncontrollable tool sprawl and operator fatigue. Numerous conversations with various customers convinced us to consequently develop an integrated solution that includes network automation, monitoring, compliance audit and enforcement, and closed-loop automation capabilities.

The pandemic is forcing organizations to empower their employees to work from home. The subsequent restrictions to corporate campuses have made the management of on-premise solutions difficult. As a consequence, organizations have had to allay their apprehensions towards the cloud and embrace software-as-a-service solutions. SaaS solutions provide multiple benefits such as:

  1. A reduction in the total cost of ownership
  2. Elimination of deployment, upgrade, and maintenance hassles
  3. Immediate access to new and innovative features
  4. On-demand scaling
As a result, we developed a SaaS offering to monitor and automate multi-vendor networks. I am delighted to announce the launch of our latest offering ATOM Cloud – which delivers automation and monitoring from the AWS web scale platform. Our customers can simply establish a secure connection from their network to ATOM Cloud and manage and monitor all of their multi-vendor devices. Customers also have the flexibility to deploy ATOM Cloud Agents on their premises to reduce latency. 

Security, privacy, and confidentiality of customer networks and data have been our primary focus at every step of the design and development of the product. We have incorporated extensive checks and balances to prevent unauthorized access and leakage of sensitive data, including compliance to SOC standards*. ATOM Cloud also delivers essential capabilities such as granular role-based access control, multi-tenancy, and multi-factor authentication to ensure complete security, privacy, and confidentiality of all data. Robust security policies and resilient infrastructure is essential to ensure customer trust and we have left no stone unturned.  Visit this page to learn more about the security policies that we have implemented in the ATOM solution.

Organizations, large and small, collect and process enormous amounts of network data to identify inefficiencies and predict failures. Network analytics has primarily focused on collecting, processing, and visualizing current and historical data from a single network. However, service providers and enterprises are not only keen to improve their current process, but they are also eager to adopt industry best practices. ATOM Cloud delivers by providing an additional layer of visualization by offering insights and suggestions based on anonymized data collected from other similar networks.

With the onset of 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing, and IoT networks, customers desire an elevated customer experience and elastic scale. ATOM Cloud allows users to onboard their entire network within an hour and provision and automates complex services such as network slicing, L2/L3/EVPN provisioning, and network migration and upgrades for more than 45 vendors and 150 platforms.

At Anuta Networks, we have made it a habit to continually listen to our customers’ challenges and enhance our product to solve their problems. ATOM Cloud is the culmination of extensive discussions with our customers and partners, and the hard work that my team has put into truly developing a next-generation automation and monitoring solution is humbling. Request for a free trial and explore all features and capabilities of ATOM Cloud for yourself. Unlock the complete potential of your network today!

*In Progress

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