Anuta ATOM

ATOM Remote Agent Management

Table of Contents

Setup Details

  • ATOM running on AWS

  • Agent instance running on an on-premise network

  • Agent instance is connected to the ATOM through VPN.

Remote Agent Flow Walkthrough

  • Create ATOM cluster on AWS, with enable_k8s_agent as false in values.yaml file

  • Download the OVA from the agent section in ATOM

  • Create an on-premise instance of the agent from the downloaded OVA

  • Log in to agent instance using default username –>atomand password –>Elastic+123

  • Change the hostname in /etc/hostname and update the same in /etc/hosts. Reboot the agent instance.

  • Connect to VPN from the agent instance if the ATOM cluster is on the private network

  • On agent instance navigate to /opt/atom/agent/configs

    • Edit config.yaml

    • Modify the image build number to the same build number as ATOM

      • For example, if ATOM is started with build number8., then the image will be modified as –>

      • image: “atom-agentms:”

    • Modify the atom_lb with the agent load balancer URL obtained from the AWS dashboard

    • Agent load balancer URL can be obtained from AWS load balancer section

    • For example:

      • atom_lb: “”

  • On ATOM, create ip-range and agent

  • Download the agent config by selecting the created agent

  • Copy the downloaded agent config to the agent instance at /opt/atom/agent/configs/agent.xml

    • make sure the ip-address in agent.xml points to the agent load balancer value and port to 7000

    • make sure the security token in agent.xml matches the token in ATOM

  • On agent instance navigate to /opt/atom/agent/scripts and run the below command with agent instance’s username and password

  • python -u <username> -p <password>

  • On agent instance navigate to /opt/atom/agent/scripts and run the command:

  • sh

  • Wait till the agent image is pulled from the repository and started

  • Check for the status of the agent container by using the command:

  • docker ps

  • Once the agent container is up, the status of the agent created on ATOM comes online.