Anuta ATOM

ATOM Remote Agent Management

Table of Contents

Purpose of this document

This document is intended to be used for deploying ATOM Cloud Agent in customer Data Center to communicate with Network Devices and ATOM Cloud servers.

Intended Audience

Network administrators and operators

ATOM Cloud Overview

Anuta Networks ATOM Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service offering. It delivers Assurance, Telemetry, and Orchestration for Multi-Vendor Networks.

Anuta ATOM Cloud enables enterprises and service providers to rapidly design and provision network services, collect real-time telemetry, develop in-depth network analytics, ensure compliance and provide service assurance for multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructure.

Anuta ATOM Cloud offering takes a cloud-first approach and is hosted within a Tier-1 cloud. The underlying infrastructure is validated and is governed by a quality assurance and regulatory compliance process. With Anuta ATOM Cloud, networking teams can deliver services faster, eliminate human errors, avoid