Elevate Your Automation Experience with ATOM Cloud

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The flexibility, extensibility, availability, and affordability of SaaS is encouraging more and more enterprises to embrace a cloud-based solution.  SaaS revenue in network automation and orchestration is expected to increase at a CAGR of 81.8% during the years 2018-2023 (Source: Analysys Mason). SaaS vendors have been successful in alleviating the initial apprehensions related to privacy […]

Realize Your Network’s Full Potential with ATOM Cloud Crowdsourced Analytics

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Organizations rely heavily on analytics to determine network health and predict future network requirements. The importance of network monitoring and automation through precise real-time analytics is widely recognized. On-premises analytics solutions provide useful insights into current network behavior and predict future issues based on historical data. However, these learnings are isolated to a single network. […]

Delighting Customers with Cloud-Native Network Automation as a Service

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“Success is the product of daily habits—not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.” James Clear, Atomic Habits Today we are announcing ATOM Cloud, a SaaS offering of our award-winning network automation solution. ATOM Cloud is a culmination of numerous achievements, and I am beyond thrilled with its launch. Subsequently, I would like to share the story behind ATOM Cloud. […]