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Elevate Your Automation Experience with ATOM Cloud

The flexibility, extensibility, availability, and affordability of SaaS is encouraging more and more enterprises to embrace a cloud-based solution.  SaaS revenue in network automation and orchestration is expected to increase at a CAGR of 81.8% during the years 2018-2023 (Source: Analysys Mason). SaaS vendors have been successful in alleviating the initial apprehensions related to privacy and security given the fact that network automation and assurance have traditionally been on-premise. With newfound customer confidence in SaaS platforms, Anuta Networks is witnessing a massive surge in requests for SaaS offerings with an on-premise-like customer experience. Subsequently, we are spearheading this evolution with a SaaS-based ATOM Cloud offering. 

ATOM Cloud simplifies network management and operations through the following four distinguishing characteristics:

ATOM Cloud Characteristics
Anuta ATOM Cloud

Deployment Flexibility: The flexible, microservices and containerized architecture enables organizations to deploy ATOM Cloud agents on their premises or in the cloud

Multiple Vendor Support: ATOM Cloud provides out-of-box support for a wide range of network devices spanning 150+ platforms across 45+ vendors.  It’s one of the most robust multi-vendor support models in the industry!

Multiple Domains:  ATOM Cloud’s platform customizability allows it to execute use cases across service providers, WAN, Core, Edge, and enterprise networks. A single automation platform provides simplicity and operational expense savings.

Out-of-Box Services and Workflows: All popular network services such as software upgrades, l2vpn, l3vpn and evpn services, network migration and compliance use cases are available out-of-box for easy consumption within ATOM Cloud. 

ATOM Cloud also enables administrators to accomplish all of their network goals with features and performance similar to an on-premise solution. All of the traditional ATOM capabilities that include automation, orchestration, monitoring, and assurance are now part of ATOM Cloud. In addition, our cloud-delivered network automation solution unlocks many new capabilities such as crowdsourced analytics, industry baselined scorecards, and collaborative automation.

ATOM Cloud Advantages

ATOM Cloud Advantages

Integrated Configuration & Compliance Management, Monitoring & Automation Platform

A significant advantage of the ATOM Cloud is that it integrates mission-critical enterprise requirements spanning configuration and compliance management, monitoring and automation within a single platform. Not only does this help in tool consolidation, but it also enables several closed-loop automation scenarios. Administrators can create configuration standards, device thresholds, alerts and define the baseline behavior of a given network. And most compelling – any violation of thresholds, provisioning or remediation actions can be taken automatically.

Enhanced Time to Value with Out-of-Box Templates

ATOM Cloud provides numerous out-of-box templates covering various use cases across campus, branch, data center, and service provider domains enabling organizations to realize ROI faster. Customers can easily drag and drop relevant workflows and modify them according to business need. Anuta Networks continually adds new templates and custom modules to improve usability and expedite the creation of various use cases. ATOM Cloud also uses industry standards such as BPMN2.0, YANG, Python, XML, and jinja2  for developing automation, compliance, and assurance policies. Open standards help the Anuta Networks community to collaborate, design, and distribute simple and complex automation workflows. We encourage our customers and partners to join the vibrant community and not only expedite their use case development efforts, but also provide valuable feedback to improve the ATOM solution across on-premise and cloud.

Multi-Vendor and Scalable Network Management

The ATOM Cloud platform employs a distributed architecture and a modern technology stack to provide horizontal scalability to manage hundreds of thousands of network devices, execute thousands of workflows, provision thousands of services in a 3-5 hour change window and collect millions of performance metrics every second. ATOM is built from the ground up on a microservices-based architecture that is containerized to deliver both massive scale and performance.  Every feature in the ATOM platform has been designed to cater to small, medium, and large organizations that provide time-critical services. The componentized and microservices-based architecture enables organizations to start small and grow at their own pace. It’s truly a one size fits all platform!

Crowd-Sourced Analytics

Operational and performance analytics is essential for the smooth functioning of any network. Visualization through charts, alerts and notifications of breach of thresholds enable the administrator to take appropriate actions swiftly. ATOM Cloud provides an additional layer of visualization by offering insights and suggestions based on anonymized data collected from other similar networks. ATOM Cloud also leverages AI/ML to predict network failures and proactively notify the administrator to take appropriate remediation actions.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

Anuta ATOM integrates with 45+ different vendors using CLI, NETCONF, YANG or API. ATOM collects device and network information through SNMP, SNMP Traps, Syslogs and streaming telemetry. ATOM workflow provides API connectors to integrate with external network entities. This communication can be bidirectional and trigger APIs on external network entities as well as enable other entities to trigger APIs. Some procedures may require a trigger of certain events to continue, and ATOM workflow automation can pause workflows at certain points and resume after network triggers. Within ATOM, many out-of-box connectors are already available for ITSM solutions, such as ServiceNow.  Anuta Networks is in the process of adding many more connectors to our already vast portfolio. However, customers can also create custom connectors easily using the workflow builder.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

ATOM Cloud eliminates the hassles of hardware and software installation, maintenance, and support costs. Customers can simply subscribe to any of our offered services (configuration management, compliance enforcement, monitoring, automation, or assurance) and get started quickly. The SaaS offering automatically ensures that customers have the latest ATOM features and services instantly.

Flexible Pay-As-You-Grow Pricing

We have designed the ATOM pricing structure to enable our customers to start small and grow big. The flexible and modular structure allows organizations to pay only for the services they utilize and for the devices they wish to automate. Customers can begin their automation journey with a small network, realize instant ROI, and expand to a more extensive network as their needs grow. The simplified pricing also eliminates the entry barrier for many organizations and increases adoption that delivers value to all users.

ATOM Cloud Resiliency

ATOM Cloud is equipped with robust privacy and security features to alleviate many common network operator concerns. 

Privacy & Security

ATOM Cloud is compliant with SOC2 standards and prevents unauthorized access and leakage of sensitive data. The nature of its SaaS platform ensures that information is secure, available, of the highest integrity, and private. It achieves this through multifactor authentication and access control, periodic archival and audit of data, and intrusion and vulnerability detection. ATOM Cloud is deployed on the AWS cloud platform considered a defacto standard and leverages AWS capability to provide flexible and secure cloud infrastructure that aligns with IT best practices. ATOM Cloud also provides comprehensive multi-tenant capabilities to deliver complete data segregation and isolation.

ATOM Cloud also supports granular role-based access control across all platform features, including inventory management, workflow automation, service orchestration, and compliance management. ATOM Cloud integrates with LDAP, AD, and TACACS servers for user authentication and authorization, and also provides single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities. Regular internal and external audit of security, penetration and vulnerability of the platform also ensures no security holes go undetected.

Please visit this page to receive a detailed understanding of the various security parameters in ATOM Cloud.

Low Latency Capabilities

For a handful of network operations, especially in the monitoring domain, delay is often a significant concern. The ATOM Cloud architecture addresses this concern through distributed deployment. ATOM Cloud agents can be deployed at a location close to the enterprise or even within the organization’s networks. ATOM Cloud’s closed-loop automation feature helps organizations detect violations from the network baseline and take remedial action instantly, thereby reducing the mean-time-to-repair.


Anuta Networks has employed a stellar team of engineers to provide a seamless deployment customer experience. 24×7 support will address all customer queries ranging from use case development to operations and billing activities. The online support library also offers detailed documentation to deliver value in a short time by providing fast and accurate self-serv