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Learn how Anuta Networks  instills Service & Operational agility into your networks with    Anuta ATOM & ATOM Cloud – Your Next-generation Network Automation & Assurance Solutions

How Anuta ATOM powers your network

Streamline processes, standardize configurations

Streamline processes,
standardize configurations

Companies of all sizes are burdened with inconsistent networking implementations – from complex procedures to upgrade a network device operating system or standardizing configurations like SNMP for improved management. An intuitive drag and drop workflow interface in ATOM streamlines processes and harmonizes configurations.
Fortify the network, prevent non-compliance

Fortify the network,
prevent non-compliance

Network compliance to HIPAA, SOX, PCI, NIST, CIS or other policies are designed to defend against security threats and prevent costly data breaches. ATOM provides an easy to implement framework that facilitates the creation of compliance policies, monitors and alerts problem areas, and auto-remediates any non-compliance issue.
Relevant and actionable insights

Relevant and
actionable insights

Network administrators desire detailed network information and in-depth analytics to more effectively manage and maintain network operations. ATOM collects network and device information from a variety of sources such as SNMP, SNMP traps Syslog and streaming telemetry to provide relevant and actionable insights.
Increase productivity, mitigate operating expenses

Increase productivity,
mitigate operating expenses

By automating tedious, repetitive and manual tasks, ATOM empowers network administrators, engineers and architects to apply their time to more value added tasks. ATOM not only elevates employee satisfaction but also increases productivity and reduces human errors all contributing to operational efficiencies and reduced expense.

Network Automation & Monitoring solutions to accelerate your network transformation

Anuta ATOM - a swiss army knife
for network operators!

A unified, multi-functional network automation solution


Networks generate a multitude of data such as configurations, device state metrics, device inventory information, policy rules, and more. The challenge is that today’s automation solutions offer only islands of information. In contrast, ATOM performs like a single database that aggregates information to enable a truly cutting-edge network automation solution

24x7 network compliance

Maintaining configuration consistency across any network is vitally important! Compliance to regulatory & internal standards helps ensure a secure network environment that meets SLA commitments. ATOM constantly monitors the network for non-compliance, reports the changes and remediates issues to ensure consistency cross domains and networks.


Are you using multiple tools for network automation & network monitoring? In addition to the hassles of maintaining multiple tools, you are likely missing out on the benefits of having a single management console. ATOM offers more value by combining network automation & network monitoring into a single platform.

True end-to-end
network automation

Are you serving multiple domains within your network environment? Each domain has specific requirements for automation, compliance, and service assurance. ATOM handles this complexity across branch, campus, datacenter, edge, and more with its Greenfield and Brownfield support, backed by a modern software stack & horizontally scalable, microservices architecture.
Anuta ATOM - a swiss army knife for network operators!

Multi-vendor support

Multi-vendor strategy is table stakes today. However, the burden of managing them shouldn’t be.. Abstraction of network complexity is the only viable solution, and Anuta ATOM performs like no other. ATOM supports the broadest number of vendors – 45+ and growing!

Here is how Anuta ATOM works

Anuta ATOM - A Multi-domain
Network Automation Solution

Hybrid cloud automation

Customer requirements and workloads drive the decision to deploy on-prem, in public clouds such as AWS & GCP, or in private clouds. Resource management, compliance issues, and scale are some of the many challenges this hybrid world poses to NetOps. Learn how ATOM addresses the hybrid cloud challenge!


Key Industry Verticals
That Anuta ATOM Serves

The easier, faster & smarter way to power your network performance enhancement program making it your 

business enabler, and not a cost center.

Successful Enterprises & Service Providers, trust Anuta ATOM for multi-vendor network automation

Anuta ATOM – A 360 degree
Network Automation and Monitoring solution

Combining the power of Configuration Management, Compliance Management, Network Automation & Orchestration,
Network Monitoring, and Closed loop Automation.

Network Automation Workflow

Tired of maintaining and executing mundane Method-of-Procedures (MOPs)? Every vendor provides a MOP, every organization has its own, but it’s often left to your interpretation which can cause confusion. Experience ATOM’s low code automation capabilities that allow NetOps the flexibility to document, standardize, automate, and visualize MOPs.

Configuration & Compliance Management
Device configurations define a network. For a network automation solution to be effective, managing & maintaining configurations across a multi-vendor network is a key success metric. ATOM offers a powerful framework to manage the lifecycle of all network configurations from on-boarding to RMA.
Network Monitoring
Networks are all unique and each presents its own set of challenges. It’s how well we listen to them will determine the network performance. Learn how ATOM combines best-of-breed features to deliver deep insights into any network status. Visualize your way into the intricacies of your network
Alerting & Closed-Loop Automation

Are you exhausted with the mundane effort of networking triage and troubleshooting ? What if you could automate all of your known troubleshooting techniques? Learn how ATOM’s alerting & closed-loop automation framework facilitates the ability to baseline network behavior, perform remediation, and ensure service assurance at all times.

Overcoming Telecom and Networking Challenges with ATOM Workflow Insights

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Overcoming Telecom and Networking Challenges with ATOM Workflow Insights

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