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December 5th, 2023 – MILPITAS, CA – Anuta Networks, a pioneer in network automation and assurance, proudly introduces ATOM AVA, an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to redefine the user experience for ATOM, the company’s flagship Network Automation and Assurance software.

ATOM AVA revolutionizes network management by streamlining onboarding, minimizing errors, proactively identifying issues, and simplifying troubleshooting, and in the process, delivers unparalleled productivity for network operators and NetDevOps teams.

Over the past 15 years, annual productivity improvements in the US and EU have plateaued at 1.4% and 0.8%, respectively. Generative AI is poised to change this dramatically. Products like ATOM AVA have the potential to significantly boost productivity, with an immediate 60% improvement in developer and operator efficiency. Underscoring these impressive numbers is the capability to deliver tangible business value by integrating the virtual assistant with ATOM workflows while leveraging a vast amount of multi-vendor configuration and operational data from multiple domains.

ATOM AVA comprises several key components:

    1. Co-Pilot: This feature helps generate code, mitigate errors, and accelerate deployments. Instead of going through multiple steps, developers can provide a prompt such as “Create a workflow to perform device diagnostics, execute CLI commands, integrate ServiceNow and ATOM network monitoring system.” AVA quickly generates the necessary BPMN-compliant workflow for ServiceNow integration within minutes.
    2. Operator Assistant: Automation and operational tasks are effortlessly managed through contextual prompts, ensuring improved efficiency and consistency. With a prompt like, “Perform a core router OS upgrade this weekend,” AVA schedules the upgrade workflow with pre-and-post checks, alerts teams, and provides users with workflow insights.
    3. Doc Assistant: This component streamlines onboarding and reduces information overload by offering quick access to a vast knowledge base. A question like, “How can I change the device polling period in ATOM?” triggers AVA to display the necessary steps, eliminating the manual or menu navigation. Users, even without prior ATOM knowledge, can swiftly complete tasks.
    4. Guided Troubleshooting: AVA offers invaluable insights and assistance in Root Cause Analysis (RCA), minimizing network downtime and operational costs. A query like, “Why did the BGP routes fluctuate last night at 11 p.m.?” prompts AVA to pinpoint errors in the BGP configuration, changes in link status, or neighbor relationships. In some instances, AVA can even automate remedial actions, like configuration rollbacks or applying a route-dampening policy.

Chandu Guntakala, Founder and CEO of Anuta Networks, the visionary behind ATOM AVA, declares, “ATOM AVA accelerates innovation, empowering network teams to develop and deploy solutions faster, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.” 

Praveen Vengalam, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Anuta Networks adds, “We’ve built ATOM AVA based on open standards for maximum flexibility. It’s designed to ensure data accuracy, privacy, and security at every stage. ATOM AVA, with its orchestration capabilities, reduces the delay between insights and action.”

AVA’s training data also comprises a variety of network management data, including topology, configuration, documentation, knowledge bases, user interactions, catalog items, workflows, metadata of network objects, and industry best practices. Stringent safeguards are put in place to filter out harmful or inappropriate content, while customer-specific data is anonymized and data privacy is rigorously maintained.

Users also have the flexibility to fine-tune AVA’s responses and actions via configuration settings, enabling the specification of network domains, automation levels, and task prioritization. Should users encounter unusual responses, they can submit detailed reports directly through the AVA interface for further review.

ATOM AVA’s value is real, and its functionality will remain dynamic as it evolves. As it harnesses the latest technologies and ingests more data sources, its potential to provide meaningful insights, streamline automation, and adapt to new network challenges continues to grow. By investing in ATOM AVA, you’re not only deploying a solution for today’s challenges, but you’re also building intelligence to adapt the network to unanticipated needs in the future.

Will Townsend, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, states, “ATOM AVA leverages the latest capabilities of Generative AI to simplify network infrastructure operational tasks. Time will tell, but it has the potential to deliver simplification and business outcome value.”

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About Anuta Networks:

Anuta Networks is a leading provider of web-scale, on-premises, and cloud network orchestration and assurance software for the enterprise branch, campus, data center, and service provider-managed, multi-vendor networks.

The Anuta ATOM orchestration and assurance platform enables customers to automate and accelerate network services. Anuta ATOM offers complete lifecycle service orchestration and telemetry for physical, virtual, and hybrid networks, thus allowing customers to leverage investments in existing network infrastructure and transition them seamlessly to intent-based software-defined networking (SDN) environments.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Anuta Networks is a Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld award winner three times.

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