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Simplify Workflow Automation with ATOM Form Builder

Streamline your workflow automation process with our powerful Form Builder and user input form feature. Whether you’re provisioning networks or troubleshooting issues, our ATOM platform ensures seamless automation while capturing essential user inputs required to configure or provision devices as part of a workflow. 

Inputs can range from IDs, passwords, and URLs to device IDs, IP addresses, and interfaces crucial for your workflow. You can even upload JSON or CSV files, simplifying complex configurations like device and WAN interface pairings.

  • Effortless Automation: Simplify workflow automation with intuitive form creation.
  • Dynamic Variables: Capture user inputs as dynamic variables for easy referencing.
  • Static & Dynamic Inputs: Choose from static inputs or dynamic dropdown selections based on device models.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Build forms quickly with drag-and-drop blocks of input variables.
  • Customizable: Define variable names, set default values, and specify data types effortlessly.



ATOM Form Builder transforms user inputs into dynamic variables, allowing you to reference and reuse them quickly throughout your workflow. You can name these variables and define their data types, whether strings, integers, or more. This flexibility allows you to customize your automation process to suit your specific needs.


The platform offers both static and dynamic variables to accommodate various use cases. Every device onboarded to our platform is parsed using device models, enabling dynamic dropdown selections in your user input forms. Whether you select from a list of onboarded devices or choose specific interfaces, you have the flexibility to tailor inputs to your requirements. Additionally, static inputs can be directly referenced in your workflow by name, further enhancing efficiency.



Automated Form Builder: Say goodbye to manual form design. Our automatic Form Builder simplifies the process, allowing workflow developers to create and design forms effortlessly. With drag-and-drop blocks of input variables, you can quickly assemble forms, assign names, and even set default values with predefined data types. Spend less time on form creation and more time on accelerating your automation initiatives.

Ready to streamline your workflow automation? Get started with our Form Builder today!

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