Be compliant 24x7 with Anuta ATOM

Be Compliant 24×7 with ATOM’s Advanced Multi-Vendor Network Compliance Solution

Formulating a well-defined network compliance policy, automated validations and enforcement mechanisms is essential in ensuring network consistency and business continuity. At the end of the day, automated compliance functions as a safety check when humans fail to execute their tasks.

We have keenly listened to our customers, and we have heard the need for a network compliance solution that enables monitoring and management of the entire network from a single instance. That’s why the Anuta ATOM platform delivers advanced compliance management capabilities, making it an all-encompassing solution for any compliance needs.

With rich multi-vendor support and a horizontally scalable platform, Anuta ATOM can automate your entire network and provides centralized compliance management.

ATOM Network Compliance

Save Time, Eliminate Frustration and Define Complicated Policies with Ease

Defining a policy is like painting – better the quality of brush, finer the emphasis on details.

Your network compliance policies include several configurations for security, device/application onboarding, DNS, IP Mapping among others. The small set of compliance policies that you started with, has grown into a long confusing and indecipherable list. Anuta ATOM Policy Builder is designed to provide you an easy and intuitive interface to define complex policies with ease. Use the traditional string templates or advanced python-jinja based templates to define parameterized baseline or expected configurations as well as the action taken with a given policy violation.

Improve Network Efficiency and Mitigate Security Threats with In-Depth Analytics

Anuta ATOM’s compliance dashboard presents you with all of the essential information needed to make critical business decisions. You can view a summary of compliant, non-compliant and reconciled devices and services as well as observe past trends and validate network behavior. ATOM also monitors and displays detailed information across your multi-vendor and multi-domain networks and helps provide actionable in-depth insights.

CLI compliance summary

Remain Compliant Around-the-Clock

Compliance is not a one-time occurrence. Even a small lapse has the potential to severely undermine your network and business reputation. You must audit the network regularly and remediate any non-compliant service or devices quickly. Non-compliance to password policy, as a common example, can lead to a massive security breach with dire consequences. Therefore, it is critical to identify and fix such non-compliance issues promptly. ATOM can schedule and run a network audit at a time and frequency of your choosing and helps you to identify such problems quickly. You can also manually trigger a network audit.

Innovate and Focus on your Network, not CLI

Anuta ATOM handles all of the low-level tedious tasks such as device configuration and enables you to focus your time and energy on more critical activities focused on network management and security. With extensive device support covering 45+ vendors, a variety of communication support – CLI, API, Yang or Netconf, and comprehensive hybrid multi-cloud support, ATOM empowers you to drive real value back into the core lines of business in the form of agility and responsiveness.

Live Stress-Free with Automated Remediation

Get rid of incessant alarms, urgent fixes and sleepless nights. Anuta ATOM’s auto-remediation feature enables you to define remediation action to be taken on a rule violation. The ATOM correlation engine also monitors and validates all rules continuously. Upon discovery of any violations, ATOM notifies and alerts administrators through email, slack notifications, dashboard alerts or any other pre-defined means. ATOM can also preview the suggested fixes so the administrator can approve changes quickly and easily as well as automatically schedule jobs to remediate the offending service or device.

Document Everything Specific to Your Business

CLI compliance Report

Reliable documentation is a must. Documentation and reports help track all aspects of compliance management – compliant and non-compliant devices/services across vendors and platforms, policies validated, remediation actions taken, and much more. Every business has unique documentation needs and it is mission critical that reports are generated specifically to business need. The Anuta ATOM platform facilitates the creation and generation of custom reports specific to your network and business. This enables you to focus on KPIs of your interest. ATOM also enables troubleshooting and forensic analytics by tracking compliance history.

ATOM constantly monitors your network, runs compliance checks for thousands of devices across multiple vendors, and remediates any violation – keeping your network compliant while ensuring the highest user satisfaction and, eliminating potential business losses and/or legal actions.

Anuta ATOM Platform delivers compliance, ensures consistency and secures your multivendor and multidomain network

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