Network Configuration Change and Compliance Management

NCCM in Anuta ATOM delivers secure configuration backup, simplified change management, scalable configuration push, detailed compliance report, and automated remediation. The solution enables network administrators to improve configuration consistency, minimize policy violations, follow best practices and accelerate reporting activities.

Never lose a configuration !

Configuration Backup

Automated Configuration backup

Backup and archive configurations for selected devices at custom intervals

Label and baseline configuration

Version and Label configurations to recover to working configurations easily

Configuration Archive & Download

Automatically backup configurations and download later for recovery or compliance


Validate Changes. Prevent Downtime.

Change Management

Track Real-time configuration change

Get notified as soon as any changes are made to the device configuration

Download and Restore configuration

Instantly recover a misconfigured device to a working golden configuration

Configuration Diff

Troubleshoot faster by comparing different configuration versions. Also, compare configurations across devices



Role Based Access Control

Authorize users & restrict access to prevent unwarranted configuration modifications

Configuration Restore

Rollback the device to the last known good configuration. Combine with ATOM workflow for pre and post checks.


Provision Multi-Vendor devices simultaneously

Bulk Configuration Push

Simultaneously Provision Multiple Devices

Push configuration changes to various multivendor devices simulatenously

Workflow and service chaining templates

Execute complicated multi-device tasks and automate approval flows with out-of-box templates

Software Image Management

Remotely update your device to the latest software and avoid security vulnerabilities



Parameterized configuration file generation

Generate Multi vendor configuration using parameterized baseline configuration templates



Check Compliance. Fix Violations.

Remediation & Compliance

Rules & Policy

Define Parameterized baseline or expected configuration. Define remediation actions during violations

Compliance Jobs & Reports

Run compliance audits and view detailed report on all compliant and non-compliant services and devices. Generate custom reports to suit your needs.

Fix Jobs

Automatically Remediate compliance violations by inserting predefined commands



Task Scheduling

Schedule compliance jobs and regularly audit your entire network

Anuta ATOM supports 45+ vendors across various domains such as Branch, Campus, Data Center, and Core networks. 

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