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Closed-Loop Automation: A primer with real-world use cases

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If you want to cook something amazing, you cannot just add all the ingredients in the cooking pan and expect the dish to come out well. You taste, ensure the consistency and ingredients are in perfect quantity and constantly remediate any differences in taste that you may encounter. That’s how you cook the perfect dish.

Closed-loop automation (CLA) is a means to create a perfect network. A technique that offers the highest quality for all applications and users, securely.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about

  • How does Closed-Loop Automation work?
  • Essential components of Closed-Loop Automation
  • Real World Closed-Loop Automation use cases
  • Achieving Closed-Loop automation with ATOM Platform
Closed-Loop Automation is a prequel to Intent-Based networking. Learn the importance of CLA and how to achieve it. Fill out the form and download your E-book today!