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Be Compliant 24×7 with ATOM’s Advanced Multi-Vendor Network Compliance Solution

Formulating a well-defined network compliance policy, automated validations and enforcement mechanisms is essential in ensuring network consistency and business continuity. At the end of the day, automated compliance functions as a safety check when humans fail to execute their tasks. We have keenly listened to our customers, and we have heard the need for a [...]
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Importance of Network Compliance ( and How to Achieve It)

Imagine a disgruntled employee resets his company’s network servers to factory settings causing major downtime and disabling services for around 30 days. What about a router misconfiguration during routine network maintenance that results in a massive outage in a service provider network? Or how about a misconfiguration of a firewall in a medical office exposing [...]
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Transform to an intelligent network with low-code Automation

We live in a very creative world. Open source, open platforms, and open APIs are encouraging developers to roll out innovative, and very often, bandwidth-hungry applications on a continuous basis as DevOps and agile practices gain momentum. Youtube, Facebook, and other social media channels are providing great avenues for artists to publish their original and [...]
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What is Network Analytics and why should you care ?

Despite the many innovations and numerous promises made by SDN (Software Defined Networking), today's networks are still incredibly complex and very difficult to manage. The rise of IoT devices and M2M communication has further complicated the already dense network. Network operators are finding it increasingly difficult to gather, and more importantly, make sense of the [...]