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Is ThrangryCat On Your Mind? Let Anuta ATOM Calm Your Fears!

What is ThrangryCat Vulnerability? Are there Cisco Systems devices on your network? If so, you should be aware of some recent news. Security firm Red Balloon discovered a severe vulnerability dubbed Thrangrycat that allows backdoor entry into your network via Cisco products that can create catastrophic damage to your organization’s network infrastructure. The vulnerability in [...]
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SD-WAN Simplified with Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Automation

Challenges with SD-WAN Implementations SD-WAN is making a mark in the service provider and enterprise markets. It is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to route enterprise traffic to remote locations. However, service providers have an uphill task of SD-WAN automation. In a related post, I had discussed the 4 Questions to Answer [...]
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5 Real world use cases of Closed Loop Automation

80% of unplanned network outages occur annually due to a network configuration change. Only a mere 3% get rectified before they cause network disruptions. These disruptions also result in a loss of more than $46 million annually. Modern-day networks generate thousands of alerts per device resulting in a deluge of notifications, making pro-active management arduous. [...]