SD-WAN Simplified with Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Automation

SD-WAN Simplified with Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Automation

Challenges with SD-WAN Implementations

SD-WAN is making a mark in the service provider and enterprise markets. It is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to route enterprise traffic to remote locations. However, service providers have an uphill task of SD-WAN automation.

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To summarize, SD-WAN technology is not standardized, and a single vendor approach is not optimal given the requirements for new features and service agility. On the other hand, managing multiple SD-WAN solutions creates added complexity due to the additional management layers.

Furthermore, new SD-WAN infrastructure cannot replace existing branch networking within enterprise deployments given the need for extensibility to handle the breadth of products already deployed. Consequently, enterprises must depend on individual components to achieve security and WAN optimization benefits since not all vendors support these features.

Challenges with SD-WAN Implementations

Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation

How can Anuta Networks help? Through its ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation, the platform can orchestrate and automate the deployment of SD-WAN infrastructure. ATOM has a horizontally scalable cloud-native architecture and can run on-premises or on public clouds like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The open-designed nature of ATOM also allows comprehensive support of more than 45 vendors and 100 platforms including SD-WAN controllers and CPEs.

Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation

Anuta ATOM Features for Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation

Anuta Networks ATOM’s Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation delivers unique features that make it an ideal fit for any SD-WAN implementation including zero-touch provisioning, support for existing network infrastructure, assurance and analytics, and integration.

1. Instant Deployment using Zero Touch Provisioning

According to industry sources, branch offices serve more than 70% of businesses. Provisioning and management of branch offices is a tedious, time-consuming and costly affair. Lack of IT resources at remote sites also drives up cost due to truck rolls. Additionally, multi-vendor SD-WAN infrastructure typically demands the need for multi-skilled networking professionals thus also escalating operating expenses.

Anuta’s ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation offers Zero Touch Provisioning which can perform instant deployment of branch infrastructure. ATOM can provision underlay and overlay network devices as well as push templatized configurations to branch CPE (physical, virtual, universal) enabling communication with SD-WAN controllers. ATOM also offers software image management and upgrades with in-built pre and post-checks across WAN infrastructure.

2. Embrace your existing infrastructure using ATOM’s Brownfield Support

Enterprises are excited about adding SD-WAN capabilities into their branch infrastructure. However, they intend to do this only while preserving existing WAN service investments.

Anuta’s ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation supports onboarding of both greenfield and brownfield networks. The device and service discovery aspects of ATOM helps to onboard devices and build a topology of the network. ATOM imports the configurations from multi-vendor, multi-platform networks and normalizes it for service modeling.

The abstraction capabilities of ATOM also enable service chaining across multi-vendor platforms including SD-WAN CPE, next-generation firewalls, WAN optimization devices, and other existing branch infrastructure with a single click. Furthermore, ATOM’s horizontally scalable microservices based architecture enables support of more than 1M+ devices.

3. Ensure compliance using ATOM’s Service Assurance & Analytics

Day-to-day operations of networking professionals across multiple platforms in SD-WAN and other WAN infrastructure will be challenging.

ATOM’s powerful analytics capabilities combined with its Closed Loop Automation feature provides unified, end-to-end visibility, control, and faster troubleshooting. The platform closely monitors network activities and leverages Big data analytics and machine learning to derive actionable insights.

ATOM also utilizes industry-leading visualization and logging tools to deliver optimized network awareness. Based on real-time analytics, ATOM’s closed loop automation capabilities help to provision WAN policies in managing traffic across multiple underlay networks. This ultimately improves SLA compliance through MTTR and reduces operating expenses.

4. Integration with existing tools through the Anuta ATOM open platform

Service providers and enterprises deploy a management framework spanning operational and network domains. This framework includes traditional tools such as OSS/BSS, CRM tools such as Salesforce and next-generation ticketing tools such as ServiceNow and Jira. New SD-WAN infrastructure is expected to fit within this framework, and multi-vendor support of APIs and integration has to be accommodated.

Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation is an open platform enabling integration into any operational and management framework. It supports integration into OSS/BSS, CRM and incident management tools like ServiceNow and Jira. These support systems can talk directly to the ATOM’s intuitive workflow automation suite to facilitate the approval process during the service provisioning of SD-WAN infrastructure.

ATOM also provides a self-service portal which aids in multi-level service provisioning, device discovery, compliance, reconciliation, assurance through analytics and reporting of SD-WAN infrastructure. ATOM can act as a single-pane-of-glass in many use cases across enterprises opting for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) model of SD-WAN implementation. This dramatically simplifies both day zero deployment and on-going network management.

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