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Supercharge your SDN controllers with the best Network Service Orchestrator

Undoubtedly deploying services in any network environment requires configuration across multiple network elements. Although some network elements are directly managed by an SDN controller, many are not. With a typical network service spanning many layers up and across the network stack including Data Center Access, DC Core, Edge, Campus, Branch/CPE, WAN etc., SDN controllers typically [...]
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Fortune Global 50 Financial Institution Accelerates Application Delivery with Anuta NCX

A Fortune Global-50 Financial Institution(FG-50 Fintech) which operates a large number of banks and insurance businesses around the globe aims to enhance its private cloud services to its group of subsidiaries. To expand its business operations, the FG-50 Fintech required an innovative solution that can automate the provisioning of applications as means to improve time-to-market [...]
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Case Study: NFV-based Service Orchestration PoC with Tier-1 Operator

A leading Tier-1 Operator in APAC was evaluating new technologies to deliver enhanced managed network services for its Enterprise customers. With the growth in the demand for these services driven by the region’s growing consumption of web-based content and applications, the full-fledged telecommunications company embarked on an initiative to enhance the capacity and capabilities of [...]
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Road to virtualizing CPE

Enterprises and Service Providers spend billions of dollars installing, configuring, and maintaining customer premises equipment (CPE), for enterprise and residential customers. Residential sites are typically equipped with multiple CPEs such as set-top boxes, storage and home gateways whereas the enterprise branch sites are equipped with dedicated appliances providing network functions such as routing, firewall, VPN, [...]