Case Study: NFV-based Service Orchestration PoC with Tier-1 Operator

A leading Tier-1 Operator in APAC was evaluating new technologies to deliver enhanced managed network services for its Enterprise customers. With the growth in the demand for these services driven by the region’s growing consumption of web-based content and applications, the full-fledged telecommunications company embarked on an initiative to enhance the capacity and capabilities of its managed network services, with the aim of positioning itself as the best-in-class provider of next-generation cloud data center services.

As part of this transformation, the Operator identified NFV-based intelligent service orchestration, leveraging SDN and NFV technologies to pioneer the development of a portfolio of managed network services and invited vendors to participate in a Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate solutions that will be able to deliver these capabilities.

In response to the initiative, Anuta Networks in collaboration with the Tier-1 Operator, HPE and Logicalis, a leading IT solutions and managed services provider, conducted a PoC that saw the company validating the first end-to-end Managed Network Service Delivery using the IETF YANG Modeling Framework.

The PoC saw the deployment of Anuta Networks’ NFV Orchestrator and VNF Lifecycle Manager – Anuta NCX – which provides carrier-grade NFV orchestration for instantiating, managing, and chaining Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in accordance to IETF’s Management and Orchestration (MANO) guidelines.

First of its kind, the highly successful PoC demonstrated capabilities of Anuta Networks via its NCX solution to deliver carrier-grade NFV orchestration while dynamically and intelligently provisioning computing, storage and networking resources to enable the Tier 1 Operator to efficiently deliver next-generation cloud services to clients across the region.

To learn more about the PoC and the details on how it delivered the Tier-1 Operator’s requirements, download the full Case Study here or read the flip book below.

– Puravi Rajan Chetti, June 9th, 2016.

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