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Model Driven Service Assurance using NFV Orchestrator

In a previous blog post, we discussed the Top-6 challenges for Service Assurance in NFV: Scale, Vendor Compatibility, PNF Integration, Lack of Instrumentation, Lack of Unified View and Field Extensibility. How NFV Orchestrator helps with Service Assurance? Field Extensibility: An Orchestrator such as Anuta ATOM uses YANG models to automate network services across multi-vendor physical and [...]
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Top 6 Challenges for Service Assurance in NFV

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) promises agility and OPEX reduction through dynamic scale-up and scale-out. Many Tier-1 operators are conducting POCs using multiple VNFs and different architectures. So far, these POCs focused on automating service provisioning. However, the next challenge is to ensure Service Assurance in the NFV deployments. With the physical infrastructure, industry has well-defined [...]
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Chef, Puppet & Ansible Network Automation

Background: Chef, Puppet and Ansible are ideally suited for Run-book automation for simple and repetitive tasks. Many enterprises have successfully deployed one of these 3 tools for server automation. They typically bought an enterprise license that covers unlimited nodes. So, at the surface, it makes economic sense to use the same tools for networking. But [...]
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Deploy Cisco IWAN within 10 minutes using NCX Network Service Orchestration

Cisco IWAN helps enterprises cut down WAN costs through smarter utilization of MPLS, Business Internet and other low cost links without compromising performance, reliability and security. For example, Cisco IWAN ensures that business critical applications such as Email, Share Point, SAP will be routed via the MPLS network while non-critical traffic such as Social Media, [...]
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NCX 5.0 Demo – Application Delivery Automation with Citrix NetScaler VPX and Juniper SRX

  Anuta NCX is a network service orchestration platform that automates legacy physical, SDN as well as NFV infrastructure. NCX helps to automate policies across multi-vendor infrastructure so that you can deploy enterprise applications faster and reduce overall operating expenses. NCX uses yang models to communicate with multiple vendor devices using CLI, NETCONF, XML and […]

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Application Delivery Automation with Anuta NCX and Infoblox IPAM

Application Delivery Automation requires configuring many networking elements such as Firewalls, Load Balancers (ADC), Routers and Switches. All these devices require IP Address Management (IPAM), VLAN Management, DNS and DHCP services to ensure segmentation, managed expansion and standardized procedures to ensure security and availability. Many enterprises manage their IP addresses and VLANs using excel spreadsheets [...]
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Automate Network Compliance and Service Assurance for Multi-Vendor Network Infrastructure

Many enterprise networks grew organically through M&A. Hence, it is very common to have multi-vendor infrastructure and multiple network automation tools for enterprises to grow. These network automation tools could not keep up with upgrades to the underlying infrastructure, thus, there are multiple manual processes introduced to ensure the network is up and running. This [...]
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Accelerate Application Delivery with Network Service Orchestration

Whether we are dealing with a private cloud or a public cloud, the enterprise applications (e.g. 3-Tier applications, SharePoint, SAP, Exchange etc) are hosted in a shared network infrastructure. Network operators must configure multiple network elements such as Load Balancers (Popularly known as Application Delivery Controller - ADC), Firewalls, Web Proxy, Routers, Switches, IP Address [...]
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Intel Chip Chat Podcast – Orchestration Platform for Network Automation

Recently, Allyson Klein, Intel Chip Chat host, recorded the podcast with Srini Beereddy, Founder and CTO of Anuta Networks, where he describes how Anuta's NCX Network Service Orchestrator for network services automation fits in the network transformation taking place in the industry. He explains that providers are looking to automation to increase service agility and [...]
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Anuta Networks: a startup that can accelerate digital transformation

Translated from an article originally published at on October 12th 2015 by Eric Debray. Faced with the challenges brought by the digital economy, businesses need increasingly agile networks and data centers. While Software Defined Network solutions have emerged, their adoption is still complex and slowed down by the disparate approaches followed by software and […]