The Anuta Networks Team Rises to the Covid-19 Challenge

The Anuta Networks Team Rises to the Covid-19 Challenge

2020 has been quite a challenging year on many fronts. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has affected the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the world. No one could have imagined the impact as economies around the world suffered and personal liberties were curtailed. Hardest impacts have been felt in the poorer and weaker sections of society, many of whom live nearly paycheck to paycheck. During these times of uncertainty, it is imperative that all organizations, big or small, contribute to our society’s well-being. The Anuta Networks team has been keenly focused in this regard with its pledge to provide nutrition, healthcare, and other necessities to the unprivileged. 

Consequently, we would like to introduce you to a few of our employees that are spearheading Anuta’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

Ensuring the Wellbeing of Children at Need Base India Girls Home

Need Base India, a foundation for Child Care and Development, is a non-profit organization that started in December 2009. The organization’s charter is to address the fundamental rights of child-care, protection, health, and education for children that are homeless, runaways, orphans, or at risk. Need Base India runs eight centers across Bangalore, facilitating residential care to nearly 450 children. Nikhil Vyakaranam, Sr. PLM at Anuta Networks, felt impassioned to assist the non-profit by securing essential items for the children that are hosted within the program.  The following is an interview between Kiran Sirupa that leads marketing for Anuta and Nikhil:

Anuta Networks Team with Need base india
Courtesy: Need Base India

[KS] What is Need Base India?

[NV] Need Base India Girls Home supports 65 girls from ages 6 to 15 and provides them with living accommodations, medical facilities, supplies, nutritional care, education, various extracurricular activities, and emotional well-being counseling. During the pandemic, the center suffered severe shortages of food and other necessities. Anuta Networks is proud to support the organization and provide essential items to ensure that all of the residents are taken care of during this unprecedented situation.

[KS] How did Anuta Networks get involved with this organization?

[NV] I have been involved with Need Base India for the past few years. As the effects of this pandemic worsened, one of the coordinators contacted me for support. The Anuta Networks team and our CEO Chandu Guntakala have always been focused on finding opportunities to help the less fortunate. I approached Chandu with Need Base India’s request. He was empathetic to the organization’s needs and instantly decided to support them.

Anuta Networks Team provides essentials
Courtesy: Need Base India

Anuta Networks Team Empowering Women of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya

At Anuta, we strongly believe in empowering women as it impacts not only their lives but also families. Consequently, I would like to commend, Vamsi Kottisa, MD, Anuta Networks India, on his generous support to Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV). The following is an interview between Kiran and Vamsi:

[KS] What problems did KGBV face, and how did you help?

[VK] Located in the Anantapur district, KGBV is a residential secondary school for girls run by the Government of India for the impoverished. Severe drought conditions and dire economic conditions at home usually lead to child abandonment while parents are forced to seek work miles away from home. On behalf of Anuta Networks, we have been actively involved in the betterment of KGBV and other Government Primary schools. One way that we have made an immediate impact is through significant activities to improve both living and studying conditions.

Anuta Networks distributes Study Guide Kits in India.

[KS] Can you provide a few details on some of the activities that Anuta Networks has engaged in with the school?

[VK] At the start of the academic year, we distributed study kits to primary school students (classes 1 – 5). The kit included a school bag, notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, and a few other essential study materials. Anuta Networks sponsors these kits for 500+ students in a year. We have also undertaken several arbor drives at their campus. To date, we have funded the planting of 2000+ saplings as well as gardening equipment at various KGBV’s, government schools, and villages. We are also proud of our efforts to provide tenth grade students with examination kits, study guides, and stationary.

Anuta Networks helps with plantation drives in India
Anuta Networks helps with plantation drives in India