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Webinar Replay: Model-Driven Telemetry and Low-Code Automation Power Responsive Networks

IT leaders recognize that migrating applications to Hybrid Multi-Cloud (HMC) environments is a critical aspect of digital transformation, delivering tangible operational benefits such as increased business agility, scalability on-demand, and OPEX savings. However, this migration requires multi-year planning and coordination, underpinned by a Telemetry and Network Automation solution that insulates the business from changes in [...]
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Webinar: Next-Gen Network Analytics and Automation with Ryan Lynn

Ryan Lynn, VP of Emerging Architecture at Trace-3 discusses the latest in network analytics such as streaming telemetry, machine learning, AI and how network practitioners can get a head-start to deploy them. Learn about Anuta ATOM Transcript Introduction [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to this special edition of the network collective short take. Today's short take episode [...]
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Anuta Networks Customers’ Interview: Neustar successfully deploys ATOM

One of Anuta Networks customers, Neustar, Inc. is a leader in authoritative identity resolution, helping clients grow and guard their business by connecting people, places and things with world-class solutions in marketing, risk, security, communications, and registry services. The company is trusted by the world’s greatest brands to make critical decisions roughly 20 billion times [...]
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5 Reasons why MSPs should consider Network Service Orchestration

Outsourcing IT Infrastructure management is on the rise. However, the Managed Service Providers (MSP) need to ensure scalability and stability of their offerings while reducing OPEX. Network Service Orchestration streamlines operations and enables MSPs to meet customer demand in a complex multi-tenant environment. Slash Service Delivery Time: MSPs are facing intense competition from public cloud […]

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Solution Brief: Anuta NCX integration with Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI Fabric: The Cisco ACI fabric is a high-performance leaf-and-spine architecture which provides a Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) overlay for the tenant space. Cisco ACI automates fabric discovery and fabric image upgrades as well as topology validation that avoids cabling mistakes. Cisco APIC: The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC) automates Cisco ACI [...]
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Webinar: Choosing the Right Orchestration Solution

Cloud, 5G, IoT and Streaming Media present significant opportunities for network providers. The selection of Network Service Orchestration is the most important decision to maximize revenue potential and business agility. In this webinar, Heavy Reading Analyst Roz Roseboro discusses with experts from Technica Corp and Anuta Networks regarding the best practices for selecting and implementing [...]
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Why the best DDoS Protection requires Network Service Orchestration?

What are the types of DDoS attacks? There are three types of DDoS attacks Application Level Attacks: These attacks use specific application vulnerabilities to either steal data or deny service for legitimate users. For example, the recent attack on Equifax that exploited weaknesses in Apache Server is an application level attack. State Exhaustion Attacks: These attacks target [...]
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Network Orchestration Case Study: F5 Silverline DDoS Protection

Do you remember when you started your car today? Did you think if the ignition was working or whether the fuel pump was sending gas to the engine or were the pistons cranking, etc? No, you didn't. Then, why the networking teams are dealing with thousands of operations, across hundred of vendors in a manual [...]
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Network Orchestration Case Study: Tata Communications

Tata Communications (TCL) is a leading global Tier-1 SP, offering IZO SD-WAN for managed branch customers across 130 countries in 700 cities. TCL team evaluated multiple network service orchestration solutions including Cisco NSO, Glue Networks and Anuta NCX for their multi-vendor infrastructure consisting of Cisco, Riverbed, Versa and Juniper. They chose Anuta NCX because of [...]
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Network Orchestration in 2017 – Intel Chip Chat – Network Insights

Recently, Allyson Klein, Intel Chip Chat host, recorded the podcast with Kiran Sirupa, Director of Marketing at Anuta Networks, who examines how their software solution for network service orchestration allows enterprises to develop new services rapidly. He explains Anuta’s role in the transition to virtualized infrastructure and the progress in the industry. 2017 is an [...]