ATOM Overview

Assurance, Telemetry & Orchestration for Multi-Vendor Networks

Worldwide network operation teams are facing intense demands from both internal constituents and application owners for a flexible, secure and predictable infrastructure. Further complicating matters, operators are burdened with legacy infrastructure, broken processes, limited visibility and shrinking budgets.

Anuta ATOM uniquely addresses these pain points and delivers a modular, extensible, scalable and cloud-native software platform that enables enterprises and service providers to rapidly design and provision network services, collect real-time telemetry, develop deep network analytics, ensure compliance and provide service assurance for multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructure.

With ATOM, networking teams can deliver services faster, eliminate human errors, avoid security violations, reduce OpEx and meet SLAs with exceptional high availability.

Multi-Vendor Support

Anuta ATOM supports 150+ platforms from 40+ vendors. Anuta ATOM orchestrates brownfield and greenfield deployments of Physical, Virtual, SDN and NFV infrastructure across multiple network domains.

Closed-Loop Assurance

Anuta ATOM collects streaming telemetry from multi-vendor infrastructure using Google Protobufs. It applies machine learning algorithms to develop deep analytics and reports. The solution simplifies troubleshooting by providing the context of the entire network. Customers can define KPI metrics and corrective actions to automate SLA compliance.

Microservices Architecture

Anuta ATOM is composed of many microservices that can be scaled-up or scaled-down in public and private clouds. The Microservices architecture reduces overall system footprint and enables migration in a multi-cloud world. Anuta ATOM’s flexible architecture scales horizontally to support 1 million+ devices.

Extensible Platform

Anuta ATOM uses extensible data models and follows open standards such as IETF YANG and OpenConfig models.The entire platform functionality is available via the REST API for integration with OSS/BSS and ticketing systems. Anuta ATOM has an SDK that simplifies overall development effort, introduces version control to treat the infrastructure as code and supports ongoing DevOps movement.

Network Assurance, Network Telemetry and Network Orchestration

Cloud Ready

Anuta ATOM is containerized and can be deployed in public clouds including AWS, Azure and GCP. ATOM can manage Small, Medium or Very large-scale networks in private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

Anuta ATOM Advantages

  • One of the broadest industry coverage.
  • Investment protection for the future demands of IoT, 5G, Multi-Cloud
  • Aligned with open standards
  • Horizontally scalable to automate 1 Million+ devices.
  • Ensures a higher and more consistent QoS.
  • Flexible to run on any cloud including AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • High Resiliency and Auto-Scale
  • A powerful interface to define KPIs and corrective actions.
  • Collaboration infrastructure for Device, Service Model and Custom App. development