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2021: A Year of Hope, Innovation, and Excellence

This year has been no less than a rollercoaster for us all. As we pushed through these unprecedented times, it was evident that it is not business as usual anymore. The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their strategies in every regard. Even though most businesses are on the path to digitization, this crisis has challenged everyone like none.

I have had multiple conversations with other CEOs, investors, and economists over the past few months. One thing that has been clear is that most organizations plan to embrace remote work moving forward.  As organizations worldwide set themselves for this telecommuting culture, there is a renewed focus on IT network management and automation.

I am extremely impressed with how our company Anuta Networks has helped its customers and partners navigate these uncertain times. Network automation has become a top priority within every organization’s charter, given the need to limit staff interactions and practice safe social distancing. While our platform, ATOM, has helped several customers pursue remote network management, we have also gone the extra mile by offering additional automation use cases to enable higher productivity. We have also revamped our compliance and reporting framework to bring more value to customer network assessments by replacing existing paper-based standards. As we approach the new year, we have several plans in place, including product announcements, that will elevate the customer experience to higher levels. I would also like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

It is undeniable that the pandemic’s impact has been hard on everyone – emotionally and financially, personally, and professionally. We recently made some exceedingly difficult decisions to align the company’s business priorities and resources to cater to our future growth. I want to thank everyone who helped us cope up with the situation. As we navigated through these times, we also found a strategic partner in Juniper Networks. The partnership has resulted in a world-class automation portfolio to empower our joint customers. While Juniper resells ATOM as part of their automation portfolio, the partnership goes much deeper, enabling Juniper TAC and Juniper Professional Services teams to support Anuta’s flagship product. Several out-of-box use cases have been added since the partnership in June to help our customers get started on their automation journeys quickly and easily. The partnership has already begun to bear fruit, with joint customer engagements & announcements. I outlined my perspective on the partnership’s value in a recent blog.

While businesses steered through strong headwinds in 2020, the impact has been significant on people personally, with millions pushed into extreme poverty.  Giving back to society has been in our corporate DNA. Consequently, I want to congratulate the Anuta Networks team for their efforts in supporting the children at Need Base India, a foundation for childcare & development. The team also added a new dimension to our lives by empowering the women at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya. Read more about these initiatives here

As we take the ATOM platform to its next level of customer experience, the many awards and recognitions received this year motivates us even more.  I cannot be prouder as leading industry analysts recognized ATOM for its finesse in dealing with complex networks. We were awarded the best Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the year at the SDC Awards. We were also recognized as the best Next-Generation Communications product by the Layer123 Network Transformation awards and were named a finalist at the FutureNet Awards in the Network Automation category. As icing on the cake, we also made it to CRN’s list for 10 Coolest SDN Tools for 2020.

I am amazed at how Anuta Networks employees responded during the pandemic to address our customer needs. I want to thank each of you for showing extraordinary resilience, courage, and optimism in dealing with the Covid-19 situation while continuing to bring your whole self to work, albeit remotely.

The networking industry now realizes that one cannot manage today’s networks with yesterday’s methods. Our team looks forward to serving our current and future customer needs in 2021 & beyond. Stay tuned to some exciting news early next year as the Anuta Networks ATOM automation platform sails to new heights.

As we wait for the vaccine’s arrival and better days ahead, I wish you and your family joy, warm memories, and peace. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2021 filled with success, happiness, and good health.

Chandu Guntakala

Founder, President & CEO

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