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Anuta and Juniper Unite to Build the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Closed-Loop Automation Platform

Today, I am thrilled to announce the partnership between Anuta Networks and Juniper Networks. This marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey to provide customers with a modern architecture that delivers low-code network automation & monitoring. The Anuta ATOM platform integrates seamlessly into the Juniper automation portfolio that includes HealthBot and NorthStar to deliver a complete service lifecycle management and closed-loop automation.

To realize the benefits of digital transformation, enterprises and service providers are adopting the latest technologies such as 5G network slicing, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and xHaul Transport. The combination of Anuta Networks and Juniper Networks provides organizations the unique ability to rapidly design and provision network services, gain visibility into applications and services flowing through the network and ensure SLA compliance as well as service assurance for multi-vendor infrastructure. To ease solution acquisition, Anuta’s automation products are available immediately through Juniper.

Juniper ATOM integration
Anuta ATOM, Juniper HealthBot & NorthStar Integration

Juniper HealthBot and NorthStar solutions complement Anuta ATOM to provide significant benefits to customers. Working together, ATOM, HealthBot and NorthStar provide a comprehensive closed-loop automation solution that delivers the simplicity of ATOM’s low-code powered workflows and service assurance, the power of HealthBot’s monitoring, playbook and ML capabilities, and control of NorthStar’s traffic provisioning and management.. The combined solution has numerous advantages, and the following five benefits differentiate it from any other solution available.

They include:

  1. Integrated Holistic Closed-Loop Automation: Anuta ATOM integrates with Juniper HealthBot and NorthStar seamlessly to provide a comprehensive automation solution. ATOM captures feedback from HealthBot to trigger ATOM workflows automatically.
  2. Extensible Low-Code Automation: The combined solution provides a low-code workflow automation interface to automate even the most complex method of procedures (MOPs) such as software upgrades, network migration and troubleshooting scenarios. Pre/Post Checks, approvals, and many other workflows can be automated using an intuitive drag and drop interface.
  3. Comprehensive Service Orchestration: Anuta ATOM supports creation and management of stateful services such as L2/L3 VPNs, EVPNs, application delivery, and many more services. Services are modeled and designed using IETF YANG models and can be easily customized to use case needs.
  4. A single source of truth: The integration of Anuta and Juniper enables operators to store network state at a single location while visualizing their entire network from a single instance. Operators can also visualize L2/L3 and MPLS topologies of networks for ease of management.
  5. Intelligent Monitoring & Predictability: The combined solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to dynamically baseline the performance of infrastructure elements and network applications, identify performance anomalies as well as outliers and proactively take corrective action


The result is a powerful, end-to-end automation solution that addresses many advanced and complex use cases across various network domains such as Metro & Edge, 5G Network Slicing, OLT Broadband Edge, and E2E enterprise and service provider workflows.

The Anuta and Juniper Networks combined automation portfolio will enable network operators to deliver services faster, eliminate human error, introduce standardization, automate MOPs, and elevate customer experience with exceptionally high availability. I am confident that the joint solution will scale to meet needs today and well into the future. 

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