Anuta Networks & Juniper Networks Partner to Deliver Advanced Network Automation

Service providers and Enterprises are deploying infrastructure needed to support new digital transformation initiatives that leverage the power of 5G network slicing, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and xHaul Transport. The need for connectivity resiliency and capacity flexibility has resulted in increased demand for network services. Network providers, worldwide,  are struggling to meet the demand due to reduced CapEx and OpEx and require a solution to facilitate differentiated end-user services and provide future monetization opportunities more cost-effectively. 

Anuta Networks and Juniper Networks have partnered to seamlessly integrate Anuta ATOM and Juniper HealthBot and Northstar solutions to enhance network visibility, provide advanced automation use cases, and generate detailed network analytics.. The integration empowers networking teams to rapidly design and provision network services, gain visibility into applications and services flowing through the network, and ensure SLA compliance as well as service assurance for multi-vendor infrastructure.


Comprehensive Network Monitoring & Closed Loop Automation

Juniper ATOM integration -2

Integrated Solution Benefits

Holistic Closed-Loop Automation

Extensible Low-Code Automation

Comprehensive Service Orchestration

Single Source of Truth for Entire Network

Intelligent Monitoring & Predictability

Joint Solution Brief

Learn how Anuta ATOM integrates into Juniper Automation Portfolio

Message from CEO

Anuta Networks CEO talks about the value of the partnership


Anuta Networks and Juniper Networks talk on future of automation