How long does it take to automate your network? Find out now!


All set and excited for network automation? Wondering how long it takes to automate your network? Watch the clock! Network automation is empowering, uplifting, and transforming. It is a force that brings in a burst of benefits such as elimination of human errors, accelerated time-to-market, reduction in OPEX and improvements in quality-of-life – thanks to […]

The C Formula: Consolidated, Compact and Confident

The C Formula

Revitalize Branch Operations with Anuta ATOM Network Automation. Check out the branch use cases supported by the ATOM platform Thousands of branches! Zillions of complications!Yes, for any large enterprise that sprawls across a wide landscape, every branch comes with the daunting task of configuring and maintaining an overwhelming set of edge and core devices. Wouldn’t […]

The Right Automation Vendor – Never a Rabbit out of a Hat

Right Automation Vendor

Many customers end up tolerating wrong choices, costs and surprises because they did not spend time and effort in something straightforward and critical:  asking the right questions before selecting an automation vendor. If only running IT could be like a magic show! Alas, efficiencies and edge do not pop up like a magician’s ribbons here. […]

Simplify Datacenter Compliance with Anuta Networks ATOM

Data centers are at the foundation of any organization’s developmental strategy. However, over the past few years, they have evolved from traditional three-tier architecture to modern spine-and-leaf topologies and as a result, have introduced new complexities from a network overlay perspective. While this evolution has brought better scalability, the complexity of managing day-to-day network operations, […]

Packet Pushers Webinar Replay: Analytics and Closed-Loop Automation with Anuta ATOM

Packet Pushers Webinar: Anuta ATOM for Network Automation

Anuta ATOM is a multi-domain network automation and analytics solution for rapid service provisioning, real-time visibility and compliance. As part of Packet Pushers Virtual Design Clinic, Anuta Networks team demonstrated the ATOM solution for building smart, predictable, and responsive networks with Low-Code Automation, Model-Driven Telemetry, and Closed-Loop Assurance. Download Slides here. Learn More about ATOM Transcript: […]

Should you build or buy a network automation solution?

Should you build or buy a network automation solution

As networks grow in complexity, the demand for automation is ever increasing. Every network architect is looking for ways to eliminate tedious, error-prone manual operations and embrace automation to free time for more value-added activity. From onboarding multi-vendor, multi-domain devices to monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediating network issues – automation has the capability to revolutionize networking. […]

Is ThrangryCat On Your Mind? Let Anuta ATOM Calm Your Fears!

Is ThrangryCat On your Mind? Let Anuta ATOM calm your fears!

What is ThrangryCat Vulnerability? Are there Cisco Systems devices on your network? If so, you should be aware of some recent news. Security firm Red Balloon discovered a severe vulnerability dubbed Thrangrycat that allows backdoor entry into your network via Cisco products that can create catastrophic damage to your organization’s network infrastructure. The vulnerability in question affects millions of […]

Webinar Replay: Model-Driven Telemetry and Low-Code Automation Power Responsive Networks

Anuta Networks Webinar - Model-Driven Telemetry & Low-Code Automation Power Responsive Networks

IT leaders recognize that migrating applications to Hybrid Multi-Cloud (HMC) environments is a critical aspect of digital transformation, delivering tangible operational benefits such as increased business agility, scalability on-demand, and OPEX savings. However, this migration requires multi-year planning and coordination, underpinned by a Telemetry and Network Automation solution that insulates the business from changes in […]

Be Compliant 24×7 with ATOM’s Advanced Multi-Vendor Network Compliance Solution

Be compliant 24x7 with Anuta ATOM

Formulating a well-defined network compliance policy, automated validations and enforcement mechanisms is essential in ensuring network consistency and business continuity. At the end of the day, automated compliance functions as a safety check when humans fail to execute their tasks. We have keenly listened to our customers, and we have heard the need for a network compliance […]

Importance of Network Compliance ( and How to Achieve It)

Network Compliance in Anuta ATOM

Imagine a disgruntled employee resets his company’s network servers to factory settings causing major downtime and disabling services for around 30 days. What about a router misconfiguration during routine network maintenance that results in a massive outage in a service provider network? Or how about a misconfiguration of a firewall in a medical office exposing sensitive medical information of thousands […]