Be Compliant 24×7 with ATOM’s Advanced Multi-Vendor Network Compliance Solution

Be compliant 24x7 with Anuta ATOM

Formulating a well-defined network compliance policy, automated validations and enforcement mechanisms is essential in ensuring network consistency and business continuity. At the end of the day, automated compliance functions as a safety check when humans fail to execute their tasks. We have keenly listened to our customers, and we have heard the need for a network compliance […]

Importance of Network Compliance ( and How to Achieve It)

Network Compliance in Anuta ATOM

Imagine a disgruntled employee resets his company’s network servers to factory settings causing major downtime and disabling services for around 30 days. What about a router misconfiguration during routine network maintenance that results in a massive outage in a service provider network? Or how about a misconfiguration of a firewall in a medical office exposing sensitive medical information of thousands […]

SD-WAN Simplified with Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Automation

SD-WAN Simplified with Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Automation

Challenges with SD-WAN Implementations SD-WAN is making a mark in the service provider and enterprise markets. It is by far the most cost-effective and efficient way to route enterprise traffic to remote locations. However, service providers have an uphill task of SD-WAN automation. In a related post, I had discussed the 4 Questions to Answer for […]

Webinar: Next-Gen Network Analytics and Automation with Ryan Lynn


Ryan Lynn, VP of Emerging Architecture at Trace-3 discusses the latest in network analytics such as streaming telemetry, machine learning, AI and how network practitioners can get a head-start to deploy them. Learn about Anuta ATOM Transcript Introduction [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to this special edition of the network collective short take. Today’s short take episode […]

Webinar: Anuta ATOM Overview


Worldwide network operation teams are facing intense demands from both internal constituents and application owners for a flexible, secure and predictable infrastructure. Further complicating matters, operators are burdened with legacy infrastructure, broken processes, limited visibility and shrinking budgets. Anuta Networks announced the general availability of ATOM, a powerful Assurance, Telemetry, and Orchestration platform for Multi-Vendor […]

5 Reasons why MSPs should consider Network Service Orchestration

Outsourcing IT Infrastructure management is on the rise. However, the Managed Service Providers (MSP) need to ensure scalability and stability of their offerings while reducing OPEX. Network Service Orchestration streamlines operations and enables MSPs to meet customer demand in a complex multi-tenant environment. Slash Service Delivery Time: MSPs are facing intense competition from public cloud […]

Webinar: Choosing the Right Orchestration Solution

Cloud, 5G, IoT and Streaming Media present significant opportunities for network providers. The selection of Network Service Orchestration is the most important decision to maximize revenue potential and business agility. In this webinar, Heavy Reading Analyst Roz Roseboro discusses with experts from Technica Corp and Anuta Networks regarding the best practices for selecting and implementing […]

Fortune Global 50 Financial Institution Accelerates Application Delivery with Anuta NCX

A Fortune Global-50 Financial Institution(FG-50 Fintech) which operates a large number of banks and insurance businesses around the globe aims to enhance its private cloud services to its group of subsidiaries. To expand its business operations, the FG-50 Fintech required an innovative solution that can automate the provisioning of applications as means to improve time-to-market […]

NCX 5.0 Demo – Application Delivery Automation with Citrix NetScaler VPX and Juniper SRX

Anuta NCX is a network service orchestration platform that automates legacy physical, SDN as well as NFV infrastructure. NCX helps to automate policies across multi-vendor infrastructure so that you can deploy enterprise applications faster and reduce overall operating expenses. NCX uses yang models to communicate with multiple vendor devices using CLI, NETCONF, XML and API. […]

Application Delivery Automation with Anuta NCX and Infoblox IPAM

Application Delivery Automation requires configuring many networking elements such as Firewalls, Load Balancers (ADC), Routers and Switches. All these devices require IP Address Management (IPAM), VLAN Management, DNS and DHCP services to ensure segmentation, managed expansion and standardized procedures to ensure security and availability. Many enterprises manage their IP addresses and VLANs using excel spreadsheets […]