Cloud Service Solutions

Public Cloud services have gained wide adoption because of elasticity and low total cost of ownership (TCO). But, cloud service providers find it increasingly difficult to differentiate their compute and storage offerings and hence are resorting to price competition.

Anuta Networks NCX helps cloud service providers focus on effective monetization of network infrastructure and remain competitive.

Cloud Service Provider Solutions

Cloud Services Challenges:

  • Difficult to differentiate service offerings.

  • Manual process to provision tenants increases OPEX and delays time to market.

  • Need to maximize network resource utilization through multi-tenancy.

  • Challenging to satisfy tenant SLAs for availability.

NCX Solution:

  • Delivers customizable self-service catalogs that enable monetization of the network infrastructure.

  • Introduces on-demand network service orchestration and self-service that avoid manual intervention.

  • Has been developed with multi-tenancy as the core principle. The NCX Capacity Manager and Resource Manager ensure maximum resource utilization.

  • Provides comprehensive service management including threshold based alerts and tools that simplify troubleshooting efforts.