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Meet Your AI Assistant!
Ready to Unlock Network Mastery for a Simplified Network Experience?

Take control of your Multi-Vendor network

Automate, Orchestrate, Analyze & Remediate

Anuta ATOM - a swiss army knife for network operators!

A unified multi-functional network automation solution


ATOM consolidates multitudes of network-generated data, such as configurations, device metrics, policy rules, inventory, and more into a unified source of truth

24x7 Network Compliance

Maintaining configuration consistency is crucial for network security and ensuring SLAs. ATOM monitors for non-compliance, reports changes, and remediates issues to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal standards


Using multiple tools for network automation, monitoring, and assurance is inefficient. ATOM combines them into a single platform to unlock closed-loop capabilities and avoid integration hassles

True end-to-end Network Automation

ATOM supports unique requirements like automation, compliance, telemetry, and assurance of various domains, such as branch, campus, data center, and edge for Greenfield or Brownfield deployments

Multi-vendor Support

ATOM supports 60+ vendors while abstracting network complexity. With its unparalleled coverage, ATOM offers the only viable solution for multi-vendor management

“Apart from the graphical designer, the ATOM workflow engine’s granular reporting offers much-needed visibility and analytics as we roll out the next-generation applications on the 5G networks"
Tier-1 Service Provider, Chief Architect
“ATOM’s cloud-native, AWS-ready network automation solution met all our next-gen network and server automation requirements. ATOM helped us streamline onboarding operations while integrating systems from 13 vendors. “The single-pane of visibility and control delivered by ATOM for thousands of network and server elements across all our sites helps us ensure high uptime and performance for our 5G customers”
EVP of Wireless Ops, Tier-1 SP
"We are on a mission to transform our customer experience globally. Cloud-native network automation is critical as Neustar expands our massive, multi-vendor network built of various business units. As part of our UltraDDoS Protect project, ATOM in AWS Cloud eliminated thousands of hours of manual efforts involving configuration reviews, migration scripts, software upgrades, pre, and post-checks, as well as rollbacks. Anuta Networks has been a critical partner in our transformation journey."
Matthew Wilson, Senior Director, Product Management, Network, and Application Security, Neustar
"Anuta's advanced network service orchestration solution offers a capability that supports our Telstra Cloud network automation to allow customers to easily and quickly connect with our partner clouds. We worked very closely with the Anuta team to develop user stories and workflows. It was a great team effort to deliver the entire project in two months for orchestration and integration with other components."
Craig Fulton, Head of Cloud Engineering, Telstra
"The State PSDN network is one of the most critical pieces of infrastructure. All first responders are part of this network. We wanted to bring agility into rolling out services to offer our end customers more value and expedited services. ATOM is the tool that gives us this agility."
Head of Network Infrastructure, State of Connecticut
"The 5G networks have to be deployed 100x faster than traditional telecom solutions, not just in bandwidth but also with customer responsiveness. Cloud-native network automation is essential to deliver the quality and efficiency that our customers expect. The Anuta Networks ATOM workflow automation platform exceeded our flexibility, agility, scale, and performance requirements."
Tier-1 Service Provider, Chief Architect
"Using the Anuta ATOM network orchestrator, we have been able to turn around a greenfield 148 site deployment project with zero errors in less than 18 hours. Before ATOM, such a project would take 112 engineering hours, excluding audits and rework."
Peter Juffernholz, AVP of Virtualized Network Services, Tata Communications
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