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Rapidly Design, Automate and Orchestrate Complex Network Services for Physical and Virtual Network Devices
Intel Chip Chat Podcast – Orchestration Platform for Network Automation

Recently, Allyson Klein, Intel Chip Chat host, recorded the podcast with Srini Beereddy, Founder and CTO of Anuta Networks, where he describes how Anuta's NCX Network Service Orchestrator for network ...

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Cloud Networking Challenges: Capacity Management and Optimization

This is the second of five posts on The 5 Tuple Challenge.

With the growth of cloud computing, customers have different types of requests. Different use-cases, such as hosting a website, scalabilit...

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Cloud Networking Challenges: Multi-Tenancy

This is the first of five posts on The 5 Tuple Challenge.

Multi-tenancy enables cloud administrators to optimize utilization of their networking assets and provide cost effective solutions while ac...

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The 5 Tuple Challenge

Anuta – (‘The best’ in Sanskrit) signifies our vision to deliver a better cloud. As I started at Anuta, we focused on the challenges and pain points experienced by customers in delivering networ...

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