The 5 Tuple Challenge

Anuta – (‘The best’ in Sanskrit) signifies our vision to deliver a better cloud. As I started at Anuta, we focused on the challenges and pain points experienced by customers in delivering network services in a cloud environment (Private Enterprise or Service Provider).

I will share these challenges using the 5 tuple analogy similar to the basic building blocks of internet (Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, Destination Port, Protocols).

Here are the five challenges that Anuta decided to focus on:

1.Multi-tenant Orchestration: Every cloud has multiple tenants who require isolated environments for security, autonomy and class of service, etc.

2.On-Demand Service Provisioning: For any type of Cloud, the network needs to be pre-provisioned and built with more than adequate capacity. On demand provisioning of multi layered network as a service is not available today.

3.Capacity Optimization: When consolidating all the tenants, cloud administrators need the intelligence to figure out which tenant should be deployed on which network infrastructure to maximize the overall asset utilization to keep the costs low.

4.SLA Guarantee: In a cloud deployment, tenants need more visibility than their internal network. They need up-to-date information about their application and require proactive notifications for any network downtime.

5.Differentiated Network Services: Self-Service portals are extremely effective to drive revenue, reduce costs and enhance customer experience. A Network Service Catalog which provides end users the ability to define a custom network is a differentiated and value added service.

Meanwhile, I found our Team Anuta has a 5-tuple: Live, Work, Play, Learn and Deliver a better cloud.

So, what is your 5-tuple?


Ps: Look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live London.

– Srini Beereddy, January 14th, 2013.

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