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enhanced sd-wan deployment
Analytics & Closed Loop Automation

Anuta ATOM enhanced TCL’s IZO SDWAN deployment using analytics and Closed Loop Automation

Automated Service Discovery - CS
Automated Service Discovery and Device Management

One of the world’s premier clean energy company approached Anuta Networks to accelerate their network services delivery

Telemetry & Network Analytics - CS
In-Depth Network Analytics for Financial Services

One of the world’s leading providers of financial news evaluated ATOM for analytics in multivendor infrastructure

Intent Based Network Services Delivery-CS
Intent-based Network Services Delivery

F5 Achieves Intent-based Network Services Delivery with Anuta Networks solutions

Accelerate Application Delivery - CS2
Accelerate Application Delivery With Anuta Network

Fortune Global-50 Financial Institute accelerates Application Delivery with Anuta Networks Solutions

Orchestration for Multi-Vendor NFVI
Network Service Orchestration for Multi-Vendor NFVI

Tier-1 Operator sought comprehensive solutions to enhance  managed network services delivery for enterprise customers

Global Interconnect Services - CS-2
Telstra Cloud Gateway delivers Global Interconnect Services

Anuta Networks solution empowers Telstra Cloud Gateway to deliver Global Interconnect Services

Network Configuration and Compliance management
Multi-Vendor Configuration & Compliance Management

Anuta ATOM Multi-Vendor Network Configuration & Compliance Management

Multi-Vendor SDWAN Automation
Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Automation

Anuta ATOM Automation for a Multi-Vendor SD-WAN infrastructure          

NFV Automation
Enhance Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Solution

Anuta Networks Solutions for Network Function Virtualization (NFV)       

Accelerate Cisco IWAN Deployment
Accelerate Cisco IWAN deployment

Automate the configurations for all the IWAN features for all the various deployment combinations

Security Policy Management
Security Policy Management using Anuta Networks Solutions

Security Policy Management using Anuta Networks Solutions

Easily Scale Your Branch Deployments
Easily Scale Your Branch Deployments Anuta Networks Solutions for Scalable Branch Deployments

Delivering agile network services using Anuta networks

Accelerate Enterprise Application Delivery
Accelerate Enterprise Application Delivery

Deliver Agile network Services with Anuta Networks                                     

Configuration management and Service abstraction using YANG
Configuration management and Service abstraction

ATOM enables customers to develop custom device, service and operational models specific to their network needs 

Anuta ATOM Analytics & Telemetry
ATOM Analytics & Telemetry

Stream, Transform, Load & Visualize network operational data

ATOM Closed-loop Automation

Delivers Smart & Self-Healing Networks                                    

Time for Intelligence, Agility and Edge

A walk through some datacenter use-cases with ATOM Platform  

Drag, Drop, Create & Execute

Transform NetOps with ATOM’s Workflow Automation

ATOM for Campus Networks

Re-define campus networks with ATOM

ATOM Datasheet
ATOM Datasheet
AT a Glance
ATOM At a Glance