University of British Columbia

UBC is one of the top 20 public universities in the world and their IT team supports networking needs for 60,000 students and 10,000 faculty members in 200+ departments across 300+ buildings. They had undertaken the daunting task of providing both wired and wireless access by developing an in-house tool to automate many networking tasks.


UBC has a home-grown tool that satisfies present requirements. However, making any changes to the tool and supporting them has been difficult. The configuration change requests from departments requires a fairly involved, time consuming, and inefficient process. Due to the heavy volume of requests, the network engineering team spends 200 hours or more every month on these change requests. And, supporting multiple vendor devices across the UBC campus has been challenging.

NCX Solution:

Anuta NCX solution simplifies and automates the lifecycle of network services. Anuta’s solution abstracts and delivers network virtualization for the existing infrastructure consisting of vendor devices such as Cisco, HP, Citrix, F5, Juniper etc.

NCX’s easy-to-use drag & drop interface enabled the UBC network engineering team to design network services to satisfy various department networking needs. The designed services are then published to either public or private catalogs for the departments’ consumption. When a specific network service is requested, NCX orchestrates the network services using best practices and delivers the network within few minutes. Further, the NCX self-service portal allows the departments to make changes to their virtual network services such as adding VRFs, VLANs, firewall policy changes etc.

Subsequently, the NCX solution reduced the network team’s involvement down to less than 20 hours a month on change requests. And, the UBC network engineering team is able to deliver the next generation network services to its customers within minutes through a self-served portal. Read more

Anuta’s technology will help us manage our entire infrastructure as a self-served network. By working in our existing infrastructure, Anuta gives us controlled flexibility and security, and an easy-to-use network services solution which enables our IT department to design different types of network services and deliver them in minutes to thousands of our campus users.